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From Hand Stitching to High-Tech: A Guide to Embroidery Technologies

Embroidery is an important art to embellish the fabric with zari work. Each embroidery is unique and according to the fabric color, pattern, and style. It is the first way to customize the fabric and give your outfit a unique look. According to fabric experts, we can use different apps to get customized embroidery. 

Let’s have a look at different types of embroidery techniques:

Machine Technology

After the embroidery work started, different technologies have been created from machines to computers. The machine can make hundreds of embroidery designs in a day. Automation has a big impact on the embroidery industry and machines can follow and create patterns designed by experts. The embroideries created by machines are unique, faster, and produce uniformly. The embroidery will be unique because the machine can make the same embroidery designs repeatedly. However, for more unique embroidery designs, you can use handmade embroidery work and get a more personalized look for your embroidered fabrics

Machines just work well for other activities for fabric production, the same it does with embroidery work as well, and can produce thousands of articles in a single day. With the help of various designing apps, you can create patterns which makes it easier for you to do stitching easily with it and lead to very few errors. You do not need to be to use embroidery printing apps, people can enjoy customized embroidery. Unlike these professional apps, a simplified one offers fewer options than many templates. 

Lamination Process

Another technology you can use for embroidery is lamination and it is also popular for decades. It is a technique to add adhesive foils to the fabric. This process protects the embroidery work from dust, scratches, and other elements that might affect it. This technique is not suitable for ordinary people because this technology uses a lamination temperature of 200 degrees Celsius. 

Tailored Wire Placement

This is another technology that is used in factories for embroidery work. This technique makes the embroidery work more simple, more durable, and easy to produce. Wires are stitched to the material surface and the embroidery will attach more strongly. 

Smart Embroideries 

New technology is gaining popularity these days in smart textile production. This technique is used in the field of medicine and soon it will start producing for athletes. With the help of an electrical conductor and wire strands, the embroidery can be collected and transmitted data. Athletes can quickly gather data on endurance, performance, and other parameters.

Factors That Improve The Embroidery Quality


You can try imagining a detailed portrait made without a heavy-weight pencil. There is no way to capture intricate details without a needle. Inserting a fine detailed embroidery work requires a needle of high quality. 

Backing Paper

You must have noticed while writing in a notebook that without any padding, your writing quality suffers. But when you place a few papers behind the padding, your writing gets improved. The same is the case with embroidery. If you want to improve the quality of your embroidery work, the right type of backing paper is required for adequate thickness and to ensure that your fabric does not pulsate and harm the quality of the logo. 

Thread Quality

You should always choose high-quality threads and there are two reasons for it firstly, the lower quality threads break down during production which can result in imperfections in the logo design. Secondly, the lower quality threads are unpredictable during the process and can cause inconsistencies in Pantone color and cause your logo to look off the brand.

Upper Thread Tension

When it comes to thread tension, it’s all about finding the right tension. With upper threads, if the tension is too right, there will be multiple breakages. If it’s too loose, the embroidery work will plague the loops across the surface.


Multiple techniques have given a great boost to the embroidery work. These days, lots of technologies have been introduced as discussed above, so you can choose which embroidery technique will be best suitable for your embroidery work. Keep all the supporting elements such as needles, back paper, and threads of high quality to get the best embroidery work possible. 

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