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Frequently asked questions about our LED screens

Want to know more about SMD Screens technology and the products we use? Check out our list of questions most frequently asked by our customers and the associated answers. Do not hesitate to contact us for more information on our screens and display panels.

How much do a giant SMD Screens cost?

The final cost of an SMD screen depends on several main factors. The resolution (i.e. the total number of light-emitting diodes present on each square meter). The size of the screen (meaning the number of square meters needed to create the screen)
Usage: Indoor or outdoor

LED type and LED quality (SMD/DIP & Chinese, American, Japanese manufacturing)
Because these factors are based on customer needs, it is impossible to determine the cost of an LED screen in advance.

What is an LED?

LED stands for “Light Emitting Diode” and is a semiconductor that emits visible light when electricity is passed through it.

3. What is the Pitch?
This is the distance between pixels, expressed in millimeters. This fundamental measurement determines the characteristics and performance of an LED screen: the Pitch is indeed a determining factor of the viewing distance of a screen: The smaller the pitch, the shorter the minimum view distance, and the greater the total number of pixels present on the screen.

What is the difference between SMD and DIP LEDs?

DIP LEDs: This type of LED is the most common and the oldest technology. DIP LEDs are therefore very stable and offer quality brightness and contrast. SMD LEDs: thanks to miniaturization it is possible to put 3 LEDs of different colors in the same capsule.

The possibility of visualizing three colors at the same time. Red, Green, and Blue on a single LED to make it possible to create screens with an even lower pitch (the distance between pixels). SMD Screens offer higher resolutions and increased image quality, but also a greater viewing angle (160°).

What is a pixel or resolution?

By definition, the pixel is the “point of light” present on all LED screens. The total number of pixels in Width and Height define the resolution.

What is the resolution of an LED screen?

Resolution is nothing but the number of pixels present across the width and height. The resolution is therefore proportional to the size of the screen in millimeters. To calculate the resolution of an LED screen, simply divide its size in mm by its pitch.

It is important to note that reducing the pitch by just a few millimeters increases the LED density (and therefore the resolution) exponentially.

Remember: the smaller the pitch, the shorter the minimum viewing distance. But also, the more pixels there are on the screen, the better the image.

How do you assemble SMD screens?

LED advertising panels are composed of “boxes” this system allows the construction of large SMD Screens according to the specific needs of the customer. Our basic housings are of different sizes and selected according to the application.

Our modular system offers enormous advantages: it allows easy transport and a simple assembly procedure, it allows easy maintenance, does not put a limit on shape, size, and resolution, and further allows future upgrading. of the screen.

What is the difference between indoor and outdoor screens?

From a general point of view, the difference between indoor and outdoor screens are:
Outdoor screens are usually viewed from greater distances, they don’t need high resolution.
The cost is therefore offset by the low resolution needed to provide good image quality.

The ventilation system ensures that the temperature inside the module remains constant and does not pass critical levels.

Solar protection system and vandalism: the outdoor LED screens are provided with a special protection system that has the double function of protecting the screens from the sun (increasing the contrast levels and obtaining a better image) and vandalism.

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