Five great challenges facing social media professionals in 2022

Social media have played a larger role in our daily lives over the past few years, particularly during the pandemic. Their primary function was to inform, entertain, connect and educate us. 2022 promises to make social media even more popular.

Therefore, social media marketing professionals need to stay up to date with the latest trends and tastes of users to reach their target audience.


5 most pressing challenges that social media professionals will face in 2022.

A survey was completed in the third quarter of 2021, with over 18,000 digital marketing and social media professionals. It was supported by global data and opinions from clients and industry experts.

The Trends in Social Networks analysis revealed five key findings that social media professionals need to follow in 2022.


  1. With the help of content creators, brands will need to create the right community.

It’s not hard to see that digital communities are becoming more and more important for consumers. Content creators are the key to finding them.

A study shows that brands who intelligently collaborate with creators can build trust with new audiences and acquire cultural capital.


  1. Social media professionals need to be more creative and invest in social ads.

The competition is becoming more fierce with consumers expecting higher levels of creativity from brands through social media ads.

According to a study, more marketers intend to spend more money on social media ads by 2022. Therefore, they will need to make ads that reflect and enrich each social network’s unique experiences.

However, professionals saw the greatest jumps in ineffectiveness in TikTok and Pinterest. The difference in effectiveness was between one and two digits. In particular, TikTok increased from 3% to 24% last year, which is a 700% increase.


  1. It is important to calculate the return on investment of social network actions

After realizing the importance of social media for marketing, business leaders have found innovative ways to increase its impact on other departments within their company.

According to a study, 83% of marketers feel confident in quantifying their social media ROI, compared to 68% in last year. This confidence is due to improvements in attribution tools but also to the willingness of specialists to abandon the model of attribution.


  1. Social media become the heart of the shopping experience

Social commerce is here and the opportunities for sales through these platforms are growing every day. While smaller, more competitive businesses can find a balance between brick-and-mortar storefronts and social media, big brands can test different online shopping options.

A study revealed that younger users (16-24 years old) are more likely to search for information on their favorite brands via social media (53.2%) than they are on search engines (51.3%).


  1. Social media professionals are the key to customer service

While the demand for customer service via social media has increased, it is possible that disruptions in global supply chains and staff shortages could lead to an influx of unhappy customers in 2022. However, we need not worry because social media managers will be able to manage this demand. 59% agree that social customer services have increased in value for their company.

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