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Factors That You Must Consider Before Purchasing Custom Cosmetic Bags

Custom cosmetic Bags keep things in order and organized in our everyday lives. Whether you are a man or a woman, it hardly matters, your personal belongings are hard to manage when such a bag is not with you. Many of us think that toiletry bags or custom cosmetic bags are only useful to women or when people are traveling long distances. Well, both these ideologies are myths. Men equally feel the need to arrange their stuff and keep their shaving and hygiene products in order. However, how long is the list for one’s personal hygiene products is debatable.

One can have a few products with limited needs while the other can have a long list of things to manage. As your needs grow and your preferences change with time, so is your custom toiletry bag. So, custom cosmetic bags are extremely desirable products for individuals. However, not only users but many companies also use toiletry bags in bulk to give people as corporate gifts and promotional products. Let’s get some insight about the important factors that one must consider while purchasing a custom cosmetic bag.

Choose The Right Material

From leather, nylon, cotton to denim, vinyl, neoprene rubber and waterproof canvas , options are endless when it comes to different materials for custom cosmetic bags. What kind of material is suitable depends upon the kind of toiletries or hygiene products you prefer to keep in your bag.

A custom cosmetic bag is a woman’s best friend, and no one denies that. And when it is all about the pricey cosmetic products like the foundation, mascara, lipsticks and compact, women often prefer waterproof canvas bags to accompany them. On the other hand if it is about keeping the men’s grooming essentials like a charcoal soap, shaving cream, razor, lathering agent, pre-shave oil, aftershave lotion and blades, you can go for a polyester toiletry bag or a leather pouch. Whether it is roadtrip or at the airport, toiletries are important.

Many times, we receive trending promo products from companies, and custom toiletry bags are one of them.

end-users but also used by businesses to promote their brand.

The Size and the Compartments

One of the most vital things to consider while buying a custom cosmetic bag is the size of the bag and the way it is custom. How your needs are met, greatly depends upon the size of our toiletry bag and the types of compartments, divided for your use. The different types of toiletry bags are as follows:

Mesh Travel Pouch: These are cute storage pouches that take little space and can easily fit into small bags, hand bags and pockets.
Clear Toiletry Bag: These are leak proof, water-resistant clear pouches that are clearly transparent to show you what’s inside. Contents are visible and can be adjusted in mini bags, shoulder bags, hand bags, small duffle bags and so on.
Mini Cosmetic Case: These are leak proof small capacity bags, and often distributed by companies in business events and trade fairs. Businesses procure personalized cosmetic bags in bulk to promote their brand and make a lasting impression on their customers.
Mini Pouch: With an elegant feminine look, a mini pouch is a perfect accessory that takes a small amount of space and yet the privacy of women’s hygiene products.
Hardcover Case: Do you want maximum protection for your toiletries? A hardcover case is your safe place. Such a bag is suitable when you have too many toiletries and cosmetics. Maybe it is just the bag to carry for long distance journeys or at airports.
Barrel Toiletry Bags: These are barrel shaped bags with mesh pockets and elastic bands. When you want it, just open the drawstring and you will find your cosmetics and toiletries intact. These are weightless bags that absolutely don’t add to your other luggage bags. Ideal for small trips, local tours, or simply sightseeing the nearby places.
Compact Hanging Toiletry Bags: These are large-capacity toiletry bags that can also be expanded to a larger size and suitable to hang on wall hooks or door hooks. You get multiple compartments and also the necessary privacy of your everyday toiletries. These will occupy a space just as much as a travel size bottle. Uniquely ready to fit accessories, these toiletry bags are one of people’s first choice while travelling.
Waterproof Satchel Toiletry Bags: These are unisex toiletry bags, and also inexpensive promo products that individuals. Use it as a shaving kit or a women’s toiletry, these waterproof satchel bags are simply amazing. These are stylish, compact and have numerous compartments and zips to cater your needs.

A Customized Design/ Print

A customized design plays an important role in your bag selection. If you are planning to buy a toiletry bag for yourself, make sure you write down your needs first. Custom cosmetic bags come in various customized designs such as :

All-in-One Purpose: These are the most used custom designed toiletry bags, glossy yet sensible. If you have full size skincare bottles and makeup kits, the all-in one purpose toiletry bags never fails to meet your expectations. You can neatly slot them into your tote bags or travel duffle bags. It is not a great buying option, but enterprises also procure custom makeup bags at wholesale prices from companies to market their brand name among a wider audience.

The Decorative One: A little bit of creative touch can make your storage space a better one. If you are the kind of person who finds iconic prints and embroidery works attractive then, the extravagant decorative bag is definitely the perfect toiletry bag for you. You can pick a cosmetic bag that better matches your style, personality or the aesthetics around you.

Airport Friendly: Cosmetic bags are important to keep especially when you travel long distances. And what can it be, other than an airport-friendly bag? All your make-up like foundation, lipstick and other makeup products are neatly displayed in one of these security-ready toiletry bags.

The Practical One: This is the sensible bag that comes with the required chambers and compartments to keep various things at one place. Whether these are make-up bottles, tissues, eye pencils, or hair clips, every slot is there to manage all your stuff. Companies also prefer custom toiletry bags in bulk for their business events and corporate giveaways as these are highly functional and well received by audiences.

Ease of Cleaning

No matter how carefully you pack your bag, If it is a long distance trip, something or the other might spill into the bag. In case you are a frequent traveller and go around places either for business works or adventure trips, you would need a toiletry bag that is waterproof, maintains privacy and easy to clean. With such a priority in mind, you can select bags that have plastic lining on them. Such bags are the easiest to clean and quickly dry after cleaning. You can avoid typical leather or cotton bags, because these may not assist the right way you desire in a trip. Businesses often distribute such bags as creative promo products to clients and employees. As a matter of fact, such a utility product greatly impacts a brand’s identity and helps them get the attention they are seeking from people.

Final Words

Custom toiletry bags are unique accessories, best for individual use and also for enterprises. These products are often preferred by businesses to meet their marketing goals and thus are shared among people in events like business meetings, tradfairs, product launch, promotional campaigns, business convocations and so on. Companies like PapaChina offers custom bags at wholesale prices to companies pertaining to a variety of industries, so that they can use them as corporate gifts and promotional giveaways and build a sense of trust in the hearts of clients and customers.

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