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Exciting Bone Inlay Furniture and Décor to Add Style to Your Home

Bone inlay furniture is vintage, elegant, and luxurious for any home. This Furniture has been crafted for centuries using ancient techniques to create intricate modern statements that are both elegant and ornate. Bone inlay nightstands, bone inlay mirrors, etc., are the best-crafted home décor for your home. Bone inlay furniture is widely used in various luxurious palaces in India and 5-star hotels.  

It has been rolled up more frequently in contemporary venues. It adds a great connection to the rich tradition. Add a unique charm to any room with nightstands, dressers, and mirrors as a center of attraction. All these pieces are made by hand, and you can accept the flaws as the marks of artisanship. These are some of the beautiful pieces of Furniture you can have:  

Console Table  

It uses the technique of marquetry, in which artisans arrange each piece of wood in a mosaic pattern. The beautiful mix of bone, teak, and timber will inspire you.  

Geometric Table   

It is a special gift for all geometry lovers. Features stunning diamond patterns in black and white color combinations with geometric fringes for a dramatic look. You can place it around a club chair or a leather sofa. Bone inlay furniture adds elegance to a home; bone inlay nightstands, bone inlay mirrors, and dressers add luxury to the house with a classic look.  

Furniture Handles  

If you want to add the charm of bone-inlaid Furniture but cannot afford expensive tables and other Furniture, you can upgrade any furniture with stunning bone-inlay handles. You will love the combination of a hexagonal brass handle and inlay bone on the back.  

Bone Inlay Side Table  

This side table will be a hit in your room, reflecting your personality and class. Even better, it can also be a practical solution. You can use it as a bedside table or nightstand. It is a perfect bedroom staple, adding to the bohemian bedroom feel of your dreams.  

Bone Inlay Coffee Table   

Truly a practical solution, the bone-inlaid coffee table comes in a neutral color that easily blends into any home decor. The black and white coffee table adds tremendous interest, contrast, and a super calm glow if your living room has a strong color scheme. It adds a lot of texture and shine and gives a relaxing feel to the living room.  

Bone Inlay Dresser  

The bone inlay can be a terrific addition that easily blends into an eclectic Moroccan, Bohemian, or Indian home. It is a large chest of drawers with modern geometric designs. With a great look, there are no limits to the styling options.  

Bone Inlay Mirror  

This designer mirror can easily add a WOW look to your home to impress your guests. You can easily find many decorative items that follow the trend. It is an excellent option for your home without large investments.  

Essential Tips for Taking Care of Bone Inlay Furniture

Bone inlays have been a complex design technique encompassing architectural beauty for centuries. One of the oldest methods of furniture decoration, bone inlay crafting continues to bring innovative changes to arena decoration. Bone-inlay furniture and products such as bone-inlay nightstands, artifacts, upholstery, mosaics, storage boxes, etc., prove that the right combination of art, imagination, and artisanship can bring an exceptional creation to life.  

Furniture and decorative items have a timeless beauty that can be preserved for a long time with proper care. Anyone who owns or plans to own bone inlay products should know tips and tricks to protect the strength and finish of these timeless products—works of art. So here we are, sharing some helpful bone-inlay furniture care tips that you can use to keep the luxury and grandeur of your Furniture intact.  

Five Tips for Caring for Bone Inlay Furniture  


Regular and Proper Cleaning  

Creating a decor with unique bone inlaid furniture is one way to make your space regal. Clean and wipe the dust from all corners of the decoration parts with a soft cloth, e.g., from cotton.  

Invest in quality products. Handle products with care and place or move them carefully to avoid any breakage. Also, do not paint bone inlay furniture with medium-quality paint, as this will ruin the delicacy of these products. Paint if you want to recolor them yourself. By using the proper cleaning methods, you can enhance the exquisite charm of the bone inlay.  

Use Mild Detergents for Cleaning

Exquisitely carved and inlaid bone products require special attention and care. More than regular dusting with a cloth is needed. You should use detergents to clean decorative objects with bone inlays. When deep cleaning, use gentle cleansers formulated explicitly for bones. Inlaid Furniture and wipe it gently.  

Pro tip: Don’t use harsh abrasives or modern cleaning products to clean bone-encrusted products.  

Harmful chemicals and toxins from these modern-day cleaners damage bone inlay accents’ natural finish and shine.  

Avoid Prolonged Exposure to Water.

Furniture with leg inserts should be kept from water for prolonged periods. Although bone inlay products are waterproof, soaking them in water for an extended period can damage them as they will become detached. It is stickiness. It is better to wipe with a dry or slightly damp cloth and not violently. Also, avoid excessive cleaning with a dry or too-wet cloth.  

Good Sun Exposure  

The intricately handcrafted bone inlaid furniture has a unique quality you will not find in any other table. Where another piece of Furniture loses its charm when exposed to sunlight, bone-inlaid Furniture tends to brighten when placed in subtle sunlight. They tend to become even more exquisite furnishings over time. Ergo, place your inlaid bone decor near a window or a hallway where sunlight can strike your cloak and enhance its ten folds. In addition, the problem of yellowing and pigmentation can also be avoided. Pro tip: avoid direct sunlight. In addition, too much sunlight is not good.  

Place at a Moderate Temperature

Placing a piece of Bone Inlaid Decor is a strategic task. Try to maintain a moderate temperature around bone-inlaid Furniture. Extremely hot as this will make the product ugly. Here is one of the five tips for caring for bone-inlaid Furniture.  

An average temperature would be enough to last for decades. Position them correctly, and retain bone-inlaid Furniture’s elegance, sophistication, and charm. Pro tip: Don’t place a heater near items with bone inlays.  

We are here to promote the challenging work, passion, and talent of Indian artisans whose art is curated and seen nowhere else. We have a wide range of bone-inlay types of Furniture, such as bone-inlay mirrors, bone-inlay nightstands, and bone-inlay dressers. For your home décor. Nightstands and dressers add elegance to the bedroom. While coffee tables and side tables add glory to the living room. Shop vintage and classic Furniture with us.

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