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Evening dresses 2022 – the most fashionable trends for special occasions

An evening dress is a proven way for an appropriate and effective styling for an evening that requires a strict dress code. Special occasions that always require spectacular styling. Which outfit for the evening should you choose? The 2022 trends are dominated by evening dresses in tulle, with sequins, satin and elegant plain models for minimalists. Get to know all the trends among evening dresses 2022 and stylist’s tips on how to choose the perfect model for yourself.

Evening dresses – how to choose the right model?

Are you going to a special event that requires an evening dress? If the invitation says “evening wear “, then it is definitely a formal occasion. The organizers expect the guests to emphasize the importance and uniqueness of the event with their costumes. Evening wear is generally white or black ties and suits for men and evening gowns for women. How to choose the right outfit that reflects the level of formality of the event? Finding the right evening dress depends on several factors. The creation should primarily be consistent with your style of dressing and  matched to the type of figure . This will make you feel comfortable during a special evening confident and complete. It is also worth choosing the length of the creation for the occasion. For evening occasions, both long dresses and fashionable mini dresses are perfect. It is also worth paying attention to  the prevailing trends and getting inspired by the top cuts, colors and decorations offered by designers. Find answers to all your questions on how to choose the perfect evening gown in our stylish guide.

Evening dresses – trends in 2022

Discover the top trends that dominate the 2022 evening wear. These are various trends that will delight lovers of ascetic simplicity, romantic frills, fans of flash and retro inspirations.

1. Minimalist

The greatest fashion designers focus on simplicity and promote minimalist evening creations that impress with their cut. Their strength is also the color, which does not have to be an elegant navy blue or expressive red. Whites and beiges will work just as well.

2. Satin

Satin dresses are not only one of the favorite styles of stylish French women . maxi  dresses are one of the top trends among evening dresses. They look great in monochrome stylizations – from head to toe in one color (including shoes, handbag and outerwear).

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3. Sequined

Sequins do not go out of fashion and show their new version. They decorate classic dresses and give them an evening glow. Novelty? They shine in a discreet, subtle way and do not steal the attention of a chic outfit.

4. Retro style

We have good news for fans of The Great Gatsby. Retro-style feathers and heavily decorated petticoat dresses are back in fashion. Fluffy feathers are an express way to give a simple dress an ultra-chic character in the climate of the 20s.

5. Tulle

Tulle dresses are an inseparable part of the evening dress code. Impressive flared creations made of several layers of tulle are a perfect choice for lovers of romantic stylizations. Tulle dresses are models that invariably look beautiful in subdued, warm colors – especially in powder pink and shades of beige. The exception to the rule are black tulle dresses – equally elegant and in the Gothic style.

The little black dress, a timeless classic

The “little black dress” is the most versatile of all types of evening dresses. This wardrobe classic is synonymous with elegance and timeless chic. Such stars as Audrey Hepburn, Brigitte Bardot and Sophia Loren knew it perfectly well . The “little black dress” will be perfect for all evening occasions – those less and more formal. The final character of the styling with the “little black dress” in the lead role depends on the accessories . If you combine a classic black maxi or midi dress with spectacular jewelry, elegant shoes and an evening handbag, you will certainly create an impeccable evening styling. The chic style of this look will also be emphasized by the noble material from which the “little black dress” is made

Evening dresses: short or maxi?

The length of evening dresses is also governed by strict rules . Maxi dresses are obligatory at events covered by a strict dress code. Long maxi dresses are a variety of cuts that will perfectly emphasize many types of silhouettes. In fashion are both long evening dresses with a simple cut, delightful A-line models and mermaids. These are dresses with a fitted cut that flares around the knees. To add a bit of sensual chic, it is worth choosing a maxi dress with a slit – up to mid-thigh.

Evening dresses are also glamorous short creations . They are reserved for less formal occasions when only elegance is required. This length is reserved for women who like to show their legs and want to expose them. Contrary to appearances, short evening dresses can be as elegant as maxi dresses. The variety of cuts means that each of us will find the perfect cut for ourselves. Evening dresses with A-line, long sleeves, with a corset top or evening dresses with a jacket cut are in vogue.

Essential accessories for an evening dress

Jewellery, handbag and shoes define every styling – also evening. They can turn the “little black dress” into an ultra-fashionable stylization or perfectly emphasize the ascetic style of an evening look. It all depends on you and the style in which you feel best and the effect you want to achieve. Highlight your evening outfit by choosing the right accessories – they will complement your elegant dress. A pair of stud earrings is a great choice for formal occasions, and a satin clutch bag can be both practical and stylish – while maintaining the evening dress code. What rules should you follow when choosing accessories?

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The basic rule in choosing the right accessories for the evening is moderation . If your dress has decorations around the neckline, it is worth giving up the necklace and expressive earrings. A bracelet or ring made of crystals or precious stones will be perfect. If your dress is a solid color and has a simple cut, there will be many more possibilities. You can change its character with richly decorated pins with stones and a clutch with feathers or quite the opposite. Do you prefer minimalism? Elevate the style of your dress with one subtle ring with a stone, a smooth satin clutch and simple strappy sandals. Jewelry that will always be great for the evening are necklaces made of stones, pearl necklaces, and for fans of trends – elegant necklaces-chains. Jewelery  trends also include rings, earrings and bracelets with colorful imitation stones and always chic gemstones. Combinations of stones and pearls, silver and gold as well as pearls and chains are also in fashion.

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