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Emailing Is Still Relevant

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While the new generation thought that emailing was out of fashion, trends and statistics show the opposite. Praised for many years by companies for their marketing strategy, emailing remains the leading advertising medium on the Internet. The appearance of new technologies has not changed anything, even favoring its growth by facilitating access to the mailbox. You can get the services of Best Email Marketing Agency in London

Sending emails remains a preferred channel for many media, recruitment or e-commerce professionals. However, the age of this digital strategy makes more than one believe that it is outdated. The question therefore persists: is emailing still a topical tool or is it completely outdated?

Focus on the principle of emailing

Emailing is an English term that refers to the use of electronic mail as a means of commercial communication. In web marketing, this operation which consists in sending e-mails to potential customers remains the most widespread. It aims to target customers who have something in common, including age, responsibilities, interest, address, etc. It also aims to inform each of the recipients about new products through the newsletters activated via their subscription.

This strategy allows you to inform and retain your customers while establishing a base of contacts interested in your products and/or services. It also aims to advertise and attract new customers . It is a communication tool that all companies can use. Simple and inexpensive, emailing is a good method to give a good image to your company and delight your customers.

The information on emailing statistics demonstrates that this technique has had a huge impact on the world of e-marketing.

An outdated marketing strategy?

Some might think that now, emailing is a retrograde method. In fact, with the advent of social networks, online chat services and banners, what place remains for emailing?

Former eldorado of e-marketing , emailing often filled our mailboxes to inform us, sometimes even aggressively. Internet users have therefore developed a technique to avoid these excessive emails. It was about creating “trash cans” or recycling old email boxes so as not to suffer these surges of communication. Also, the image of these garbage spam or phishing comes to mind when we hear about emailing.

Unwanted email, over-solicitation and the emergence of new modes of communication all pointed to a rapid decline in email marketing. But this one knew how to renew itself.

 Emailing nowadays

With the arrival of the smartphone and the ease of access to mailboxes, the trend has reversed. No more 20 advertising emails waiting as soon as you open your computer in the evening on your way home. Today, you can check your emails at any time , on the subway or even during your lunch break.

Each person looks at their phone about 221 times on average per day. The opportunities to go through his mailbox are therefore not lacking. In addition, distribution and mailing rules have become stricter. This hardening makes it possible to avoid trash emails, useless advertisements or spam. Emailing has somehow gained in quality .

There are now many opportunities to develop a fruitful proximity at all stages with the customer. Collection of contacts, recovery of the lost customer, thanks after purchase, loyalty and stimulation for additional sales, so many opportunities to create exchanges. All these constantly renewed opportunities make emailing a continuous and lasting channel .

A better image with Internet users

Spam undoubtedly tarnishes the image of emailing, but email is still the preferred means of communication for the French. 77% of Internet users prefer to receive promotional offers by email, 32% by website, 10% by post and 8% by social networks.

As a business owner, to ensure your emails are well received, you need to design them carefully. Also be sure to regulate the frequency of sending so as not to annoy your interlocutors with too frequent emails.

Today, Internet users are permanently connected to their mailbox on their smartphones or tablets. This is what makes emailing all the more interesting. Internet users can therefore be reached at any time of the day. It is also more appropriate for a company to choose emailing, because it is a lever with which many statistical indicators are associated . It is possible to quantify everything, and optimizing your campaigns becomes easier. The return on investment is automatically evaluated, and this, in a reliable way.

40 times more efficient than Facebook and Twitter in terms of acquiring new customers, emailing is a powerful communication channel. You can choose to personalize the emails according to the customers for birthdays for example. Studies show that the average open rate of emails is close to 50%. More than 80% of French people believe that email will be the most used means of communication in the next ten years.

Emailing and teenagers

It should be noted that emailing does not affect all segments of the population equally. In fact, teenagers very rarely pay attention to their emails. More active on social networks such as Snapchat, Facebook or Instagram, they only communicate via these. But such a situation is not really problematic, because these teenagers are usually only prescribers. Due to limited purchasing power and given the fact that they are subject to parental decision-making, they are only rarely decision-makers and even fewer buyers. Email campaigns are therefore not intended for them.

They will be more exposed to email campaigns as they get older. When entering working life, they will have to check their mailbox more often, in particular to monitor the arrival of professional emails.

A rich and durable channel , emailing is far from out of fashion. Thanks to this always up-to-date tool, it is possible to reach a large number of contacts at the same time. In addition to improving the loyalty strategy, emailing strengthens people’s attachment to your company, helping to create a privileged relationship with everyone.


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