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Eleven Ways to Enhance the Size of Your Home with Rugs

Eleven Ways to Enhance the Size of Your Home with Rugs


Rugs are a great way to upgrade your home. They’re also an excellent way of making it seem more open. You can make your home look bigger with rugs in different ways. For example, if you have a small room, you can place the rug at one end to extend across half of the floor. It will make the room seem much larger than it is! A rug makes a huge difference in the appearance of your home. They can upgrade your home, make it seem open and airy. They give you that cozy feel that makes you want to curl up on the couch with a blanket and watch TV for hours. Whatever look you’re going for, rugs are a great way to enhance the size of your space! In this blog post, we will discuss ways to do just that:


Pick the Right Color

Colors play an important role in the feel of the room. If you’re working with a small space, opt for brighter colors. If the room is already big and spacious, it’s okay to use darker tones as well! The colors you choose will make a big difference in the overall look of your room. For a small space, it’s better to choose the best pink rugs or ivory rugs. On the contrary, for a big space, use dark brown rugs or red rugs. Avoid darker or bold colors since they will make your room look even smaller than it is.


Size of Rugs Matter

Not all rooms are created equal! When choosing the rug size, consider what you’ll be using it for and wherein the room it will go. A large area rug can work well under furniture like sofas and coffee tables. If you have a small space and don’t want to overdo the size of furniture or other decor elements, rugs are there for you! They can help create the illusion of more spaciousness in a smaller area. Larger furniture, like small rugs. The rug you choose should cover the floor space, so it doesn’t appear as if there’s a thin strip of unused space. Even though rugs can help make your room look bigger than it is, they can also take up too much space and make an area seem smaller. Ensure that any furniture placed on the rug is proportionate to the size of your room.


Adding a Rug to Small Spaces

In case you have a small space and want an extra layer, rugs are there for you! They can give another touch to your home decor by creating a layered look without making a room feel crowded. It’s always better to opt for smaller-sized rugs to make small spaces look bigger. You can also layer small rugs over large area rugs to make small spaces look more open. On the other hand, it’s okay to go for larger rugs to make the room feel fuller and cozier when you have a bigger space. You may also want to add different colors or textures in your multi-layered rug arrangement, which will result in an even better aesthetic appeal.


Don’t forget the Hallways!

Halls are an area that can feel like a lost cause until you realize how much more space it’s possible to gain by adding rugs. Rugs in hallways help create boundaries without interrupting whole rooms or open spaces of your home. Instead, they’re an opportunity to add color and pattern without taking up too much space. A thin pile rug is a great option for hallways.


Match the Décor to Your Rugs

The style and design of your rugs can change how you feel about certain rooms. If you’re decorating with unique, handmade items that are on-trend for this year, then it’s okay if they don’t match perfectly or at all. It’s more about the feeling they create in your home, not what other people think of them. The rug should express the room, not what you think your home should look like based on trends.


Add Runners 

Runners are large rectangular shape rugs. They are mostly thin and can be used just about anywhere. They are usually placed in the hallways, corridors, or even in the kitchen. The thin texture of this rug makes it more suitable for small spaces. The colorful rugs are the best as they can create a colorful entrance for your home. Runners are easy to maintain and are the perfect choice for small homes.


Use Smaller Rugs as Accents 

The home decor is all about the small rugs. These are not just for decorating your home. They can be used in multiple ways. They add the much-needed character and color to your room while making it look larger. Placing a round rug is best when you want an accent piece that doesn’t overpower the room’s overall décor. A round or oval shape in a lighter shade will make your home look bigger and brighter. Also, make sure you don’t place a large rug in front of your door as it will make the entry smaller.


Mix Patterns and Textures

Mixing and matching patterns and textures is a great way to make your home look larger. A large floor rug with different colors and designs can balance the room without making it feel crowded. You can mix different patterns and colors with matching pillows to create a stylish look. You can also mix up patterns and colors with your sofa’s cushions. The trick is to make sure that there are no large patterns or textiles on the floor.


Create a Focal Point

Creating a focal point is another great way to make your home look bigger and brighter. A large or medium rug in the center of the floor can immediately impact guests entering your home. You also have different options when creating a focal point. You can place a big piece of furniture in the center of your room or put a fireplace there. The fireplace will certainly add a dramatic and cozy feel to your room.


Always Use Neutral Colors

When making your home appear larger, it is important to use neutral colors on everything except for furniture pieces and decor items. You can have fun with accent pillows but never choose anything other than neutrals when buying rugs, blinds, and window treatments. Moreover, Using bigger rugs in your home will make it appear larger than it is.


Combine Modern and Traditional styles

The mix of styles can make your home look bigger than it is. Combining traditional furniture with modern accessories will provide this contrast in styles, which can significantly enhance your living room’s size. Mixing different styles such as traditional, modern, or country can make your home look bigger than it is. Combine different styles of rugs to create a unique look for the room.


On a Final Note

 With these ideas in mind, you can easily turn your home into a space that is open and inviting. Plus, the bonus of rugs will give your floors some much-needed color or texture to help them seem less bland. You’ll be surprised at how just adding one rug can change the entire look of any room! Add more than one if you want to make sure your guests get an eye full of style and beauty when they enter your home. So what are you waiting for? Start shopping for new rugs today by visiting RugKnots online store! We have all the best styles!

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