Effortless Methods To Fix The QuickBooks Abort Error Immediately

QuickBooks accounting software is the most general bookkeeping and accounting application due to its high level of reliability and convenience. In spite of being the most renowned and trusted name in the accounting world, in certain cases, QuickBooks clasps glitches and issues. One such glitch that we are going to discuss and clarify in this write-up is the QuickBooks Abort Error of QB application that arrives out of nowhere and abruptly, plus requests QuickBooks users to abort the application.

The abort error in this software unexpectedly occurs during any accounting and task that displays an error message read as “connection has been lost.” Unlike several other errors that disturb QB’s daily operations, the error message occurs because of many reasons. Go through this article to learn about the root causes, signs, and troubleshooting methods to manage the abort error in QuickBooks on multiple computers.

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Abort Error In QuickBooks: What’s That?

QuickBooks needs a correctly configured network to establish the multi-user setting where several computers can adhere to the server in the network and approach the same company data file saved on the server. If for any reason, QuickBooks undergo a network problem during operation, it flings the abort error with the message read as “Connection Has Been Lost” that pops up with the issue as “Problem: The connection to the company file has been lost. QuickBooks should get closed immediately. The abort error in QuickBooks also recommends a solution to re-correct the network and verify if the hosting of the server computer of the company file is correctly connected to the network.

Signs Of Abort Error In QuickBooks Application

  1. The fluctuations in your network connection and unstable internet connectivity can worsen the QuickBooks abort errorapplication.
  2. The dull performance of your computer system and overheating problems can result in the abort error in the QuickBooks application.
  3. If you are facing network and connecting issues with other computers on your server system, then the error may trouble you.

What Triggers The Abort Error In QuickBooks Application?

  1. The missing or corrupted QBWUSER.INI files are one of the major causes that trigger the abort error in your QuickBooks accounting software.
  2. If you are facing common hardware glitches and faults, such as a damaged or corrupted hard drive that make the company file inaccessible to QuickBooks users, then the abort error can occur.
  3. The Windows or third-party firewall software programs can also cause an issue that blocks the QuickBooks application from running smoothly.
  4. If your QuickBooks application is not getting full access control of the company data file folder, then be ready to face the abort error in your QuickBooks application.

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Any Solutions To Erase The Abort Error In QuickBooks?

Troubleshooting Solution 1 – By Verifying And Rebuilding Data Utility

  1. By verifying and rebuilding the data utility to repair the company data file issues, we can fix the abort error issue in the QuickBooks application. For this, you have to run the QuickBooks Desktop software and then go to the File tab to choose the Utilities drop-down option.
  2. There, you have to select the Verify Data tab, and then this tool will start scanning the damage in your QuickBooks data. Let the tool find the data loss, and by this, you will get the Rebuild Company File prompt.
  3. Click on the Rebuild Now tab, and the tool will start scanning and repairing the data damage. Once the repair finishes, you will get the Rebuild Successful notification. Finally, check whether the abort error in QuickBooks has been rectified or not.

Troubleshooting Solution 2 – Check Hosting Options On The Server System

  1. Launch the QuickBooks application on your Server computer system, and from under the File option, you have to head straight toward the Utilities option.
  2. There in the Utilities option, enable the hosting mode, and if in case you see the Host multi-user access hosting is off, make sure to turn it ON.
  3. Now, in this step, you have to launch the QuickBooks application on the workstation to again click on the Utilities option and then the File option. Now, re-run the QuickBooks application plus the computer system to check the error. After this, apply the entire procedure to all your workstations.

Troubleshooting Solution 3 – Give The Folder Access For The QuickBooks Installation Folder

  1. Go to the Folder Directory, then from this, you have to right-click the QuickBooks installation folder. By clicking on this folder, you have to go to the Properties option.
  2. Move to the Sharing tab, and after this, you have to head towards the Security menu by selecting Permissions to arrange the user permission.
  3. Finally, you have to apply the changes and re-run the QuickBooks Desktop software to confirm and check the error. If the error is still there with the abort QuickBooks message, then move to the next solution.

Troubleshooting Solution 4 – By Renaming The QBWUSE.INI File

  1. First of all, enable the hidden folders in which you have stored the QBWUSE.INI file and then move to the path as ‘location: \ [user name] \AppData\Intuit\quickbooks[year]\.’
  2. When you have followed the above steps, you are asked and required to give right-click on the QBWUSE.INI. In the next step, you have to give click on the Rename tab.
  3. For renaming, add the .OLD at the end of the company data file name of the QuickBooks application and then rename the .ecml file. Complete the procedure by following all the steps and then check the status of the error.

Troubleshooting Solution 5 – By Using The New Admin Credentials

  1. Begin this troubleshooting solution strategy by first pressing the CTRL + R keys on your keyboard to launch the Run window. After this, type Control Panel in the search box of the displayed Run Window.
  2. Press the OK button after you launch the Control Panel settings. Followed by this, you have to follow the path by selecting first User Accounts > Manage Another Account > Create a new account.
  3. In this final step, you have to type the user name by choosing the Administrator option and then clicking on the Create tab. Now check whether the abort error in your QuickBooks application is still troubling you or not.

Winding Up! Reach Out To Our Experts

The above-enumerated are some of the troubleshooting method strategies that may help QuickBooks users to terminate this QuickBooks abort error. Beginners can effortlessly perform these solutions. We end this article with the positive hope that following the above-mentioned strategies might be mindful and upper hand for you to fix such errors.

However, if these methods and solutions don’t result in desired outcomes, then it should be jotted that the problem can be deep-rooted. Therefore, it would be good to connect with our QuickBooks premier technical help team at 1-855-856-0042, as our team will come up with some practical and effective error-resolution strategies. Call us today!

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