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Easy and fun things to draw

Easy and fun things to draw

Your fingers have taken tingling for a long time, and you will finally want to develop your cool drawings easy skills. But you still have no idea what you could draw? Here you will find fun and easy-to-draw things and inspiration for your next art project. You can start with simple pencil designs, then go to the markers, charcoal, or ink.

To make your drawing ideas even more creative, you can add colorful accents to your images and experiment with pastel chalk, colored pencils, or watercolor. Be inspired by renowned artists, illustrators, and future art enthusiasts.

Drawing tutorials

How to draw an eye

Before integrating emotions in your eyes, you should also be able to draw them correctly. Refer to our tutorial on drawing a realistic eye and learn the basics of eye drawings.

Basic forms of lip in perspective

Another important part of a good painting is the presentation of the lips. In our guide, you will understand the basic aircraft and prospects to shoot a realistic lip.

Beautiful things to draw: a brilliant smile with teeth

What’s more beautiful than a brilliant smile with teeth? Read the step-by-step drawing guide and follow. Everything you need is 2 pencils, mixed gum, and a little patience.

All the classical time: a complete realistic portrait

After learning to draw the individual elements of the face, you should put them all together. A complete portrait realized is a challenge, no doubt about it. But in our tutorial, you will learn how to deal with the challenge and overcome doubts about your skills. If you are looking for difficult and exciting things to draw, look no further than this portrait tutorial.

Catch small moments

Catch the special moments of love, a smile, a kiss, or even a murmur. The Brazilian artist Maria Eduarda shows you how to do it with his drawing in three parts in pencil.

Bring lines to life: illustrations of a line.

You would like to take traits for a walk. You will be delighted by the work of the French illustrator. Its fast lines create illustrations of a line of animals, people, and the nature of a single line. Elegantly and purist, it captures individual movements with a slight black marker.

Elegant sketches

eye drawing

Fashion drawings like to make their first sketches using fast and simple lines to capture their inspirations. These are usually as fleeting as the dancing ballerina drawn of charcoal.

Fashion as a way of life

Do you also want to conceive fashion? For fashion sketches, some traits are usually sufficient to indicate the contours and texture of the tissues. Some clear lines for the face, and here it is. You fall in love with these design ideas and perfect your passion with the pictures.

In strong contrasts in appearance

You can suggest numbers with some lines and colorful accents and let the drawing talk about yourself. Now spend pencil with ink or watercolor and do it as the photo agency of Marie Bastille, which reflects their ideas in elegant designs.

Timeless beauty: colored preserved, clear lines

Especially it is a violent competition in the fashion and beauty market. On the other hand, those who embody an eternally classic style are always inspiring today, just like model drawings.

Enthusiasm through color accents

Capture the elegance of ink or watercolor and draw splendid portraits. Only use black and white and a color accent, like the red mouth of the model on the ink portrait of the artist.

Convince yourself with contours: More than fashion sketches

Create a statement and reduce your pictures in individual lines, details, and color ranges. You can accent shadow and simple color areas with ink and watercolor and create role models.

Between life and death: you determine

Drawing portraits of nature is one thing, but pull portraits after death. Find Cool Things to draw while searching.

Let the dead rise again: Zombie Hipster

“The painting means free yourself, and that’s the point.” Brazilian Maria publishes the deceased her eternal darkness on “feels like cool contemporaries in Rockabilly style.

Demonic beings: Metamorphoses of animals and flowers

Not only because the Hitchcock birds can scare us. The eerie and fascinating version of the Russian Cartoon Olga is often used as a tattoo model.

Metamorphoses: birds and people in harmony

You can also connect your birds with a painting. You can find good drawing ideas and step-by-step instructions on the Korean artist account.

If chaos is too charming

Low is a family name among architects and celebrities. They will not get enough of his magnificent portraits, which consists of a whirlwind of waves and lines.

Drawings that can speak

The chaos above theory also works together with this idea of ​​the fantastic drawing. Vince Low loves some of his works with written words that merge with the picture.

Words that accept portraits

You can bring this concept to the extreme by lowering your whole image into its contours and turning it into demographic portraits like art professor.

Create new dream worlds: fantastic landscapes

With this idea of ​​mail art, you will learn how a simple drawing attracts the attraction you can not go. It pulls you into the fantastic landscape and is one of the most creative things that you can draw during your free time.

Bring the color to your work: Draw with color pencils

Instead of graphite, you can also use color pencils to give your photos a new dynamic look. You will find these and other magic designs.

The make-up of the eyes: The model is going on

You can now draw eyes. How about your model to draw your eye now? You can find a cool idea for a drawing.

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