Comfort Test: Which Fabric Is More Comfortable, Polyester Or Cotton?

When you are comparing cotton and polyester the results can vary depending on different factors. Also, objectively one cannot say which is the ideal fabric because preferences change according to the needs of the specific qualities of fabrics. Cotton is one of the most used fabrics in the textile world and it proves that it is the most comfortable material because it is widely used in natural form and blended form as well. Can we say the same thing about cotton? How it holds up in terms of comfort? Let’s find out.

What is Cotton?

Polyester Or Cotton
Polyester Or Cotton

It is the battle between cotton and polyester. Let’s take a look that cotton stood at first when it comes to the comfort of the fabric. Cotton is the most popular fabric for centuries and everyone knows about its popularity in the industry. It is a natural fabric and is much softer than polyester. Furthermore, the ringspun vs conventional cotton can be your best option for comfort. Various brands use ringspun cotton to make their outfit and are popular in the market due to this. One pro of the printed cotton fabric is that it is breathable, comfortable and currently a more affordable option and its prices fluctuate in the market and beat polyester in prices.

What is Polyester?


Polyester is a synthetic material that was created in the 1940s and is widely known for its moisture-wicking quality. It is also popular for its wrinkle resistance quality as compared to cotton, fadeless, longlasting, and durable. It is a great option for restaurant workers who needs a tough shirt for washing and wearing because polyester is more absorbent than cotton. It is more sweat stain resistant. Multiple shirts are poly-cotton fabric made and are found to be best for different purposes. Also, it is affordable and does not make a hole in your wallet.

Factors That Determine Which Fabric Is More Comfortable Polyester or Cotton


When you are trying to figure out which fabric has better aesthetics or feel, it is known from the touch to the fabric that how soft and comfortable is the fabric. When you will touch both polyester and cotton, you will find that cotton is more soft and comfortable. So, in terms of aesthetics, cotton wins over polyester in this segment and will make you feel better as compared to polyester fabric because polyester has a rough touch.

Sensory comfort

Just like touch, there are some other senses which play a major role in determining which body fabric is more comfortable for you. When you will try to wear polyester, the rough texture of the polyester won’t make you feel comfortable and you will feel some sound while wearing it. On the other hand, cotton is a very soft fabric and does not cause any kind of sound when it is rubbed against your body and in terms of sensory comfort, cotton always wins against polyester.

Structural differences in the fabric

Cotton is a natural fabric where as polyester is not. When you look at the cotton fabric, you will see that there is not any uneven surface, and cotton traps very little air between your fabric and body. Do you know why this is important? Because the more air trapped between your body and fabric, the more heat it will generate and make you feel uncomfortable. So, by this measure, cotton is more comfortable and does not trap much air, and keeps you comfortable. Also, printed cotton fabric shirts will give an appealing look to your personality due to the variety of colors, designs, and patterns.

Reaction with Moisture

On a hot day, you are wearing, you are going to sweat a lot. However, the fabric that deals with fabric can be the premier decision in choosing the fabric. Cotton absorbs the water and keeps you airy which makes you feel comfortable during the summer season and this is why it is one of the most preferred fabrics for hot weather conditions. Polyester fabric does not absorb water it let sweat on the surface and is not airy which is why it is only suitable and best comfortable for the chilly winter season. 


If you are shopping for a plain shirt, the question of polyester or cotton might come to your mind. Ultimately, there is no right or wrong answer for this because both have their plus and minuses. If you want an airy and comfortable fabric, go for cotton shirts and t-shirts but if you want a wrinkle-resistant shirt or t-shirt, you should go with polyester fabric as it is wrinkle-resistant and the most durable fabric also that you can wear for a longer time.

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