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Classic vs Modern SharePoint: 6 Key Differences

SharePoint is a famous Microsoft collaboration platform that is primarily used for sharing and storing documents. Currently, there are two frameworks of this platform; Classic vs Modern SharePoint.

Classic SharePoint is the legacy framework that has been the foundation of SharePoint for more than two decades. However, Microsoft no longer invests in the Classic experience. As Microsoft is now heavily investing in Modern SharePoint, poor usability, end-of-life features, and limited mobile support are making the Classic one outdated.

Modern SharePoint is the newer platform with improved usability and added features. It is built for SharePoint Online as part of Office 365. Overall, it is optimized for mobility, faster, and is easier to use. Microsoft is continuously investing heavily in the Modern platform, and all the new SharePoint sites are Modern by default.

Team Sites:

A SharePoint Team site is the perfect place for team collaboration. The Team site gets a renovation in the modern framework along with several other beneficial SharePoint features. You can now calendar entries, add tasks, use the quick launch menu to make announcements, etc. It also offers color customization and faster site provisioning.

Document Library:

Libraries and lists are a fundamental part of SharePoint, and the modern one offers better usability with an improved interface. The new library and list interface of Modern SharePoint provides not only a revamped look but also better performance.  

In the modern version, you get features like storing and grouping columns, pinning documents at the top, customized column and list view, quick change of file info, etc. You can also download multiple files at once as a ZIP file from the SharePoint logo library.

SharePoint News:

While using Classic vs modern SharePoint, creating a newsfeed is like developing your own solution. It needs you to add web parts, customize the page layouts, add master pages and CSS. Contrary to that, Modern SharePoint replaces the old news section with a revamped one.

In the modern news section, you can share any news with your team with less effort and time. You can share and create any post, from an announcement to a status update. It offers a cleaner look and intuitive UI offering a more dynamic experience to its users. Apart from adding captivating graphics to the news, you can also use the Audience Targeting tool to ensure that the news reaches the most relevant audience.

Home Page:

In the modern version, the home page of SharePoint branding received a new look. A sophisticated user interface (UI) offers you a better experience. The home page of Classic SharePoint has sections for calendars, links, and announcements. In contrast, the Modern SharePoint home page has recent site activity, news, a document library, and quick links.

Integration With Microsoft 365 Tools:

The integration support with Microsoft 365 apps is the game-changer that helps the Modern SharePoint to become a catch-all platform. The users can make announcements, tasks, lists for calendars, and more, while SharePoint online branding handles the content management process. Because of the integration service, now you can access the following Microsoft 365 apps within the latest team site:

  • Microsoft Exchange Calendar

The modern framework is integrated with Outlook, enabling each group to use a shared inbox and calendar of Microsoft Exchange.

  • Planner

The old version has no Planner equivalent. In comparison, the latest one allows users to access the tool that works as a digital Kanban board where teams can align their efforts during projects.

  • Yammer

Yammer is an enterprise app for social networks facilitating easy and quick interaction among team members. It was available in the older version, but it didn’t support SharePoint sites integration. Latest SharePoint provides improved Yammer integration that enables you to use it while working in Microsoft Groups.

  • Stream

Stream is a video hosting service that you can use to share videos with your team. In the Classic version, users can’t share any videos easily. But, with the integration of Stream with Modern SharePoint, you can now share videos with your team seamlessly.

  • OneNote

It is a note-taking application that is ideal for collaborative teamwork. Modern SharePoint allows its users to use OneNote conveniently. The users of the new platform can easily create an instant note and to-do lists on OneNote in order to get a clear view of their projects.

Smartphone Compatibility:

Most SharePoint users want to access documents and site data from their mobile phones in this digital era. As the interfaces and pages of Classic SharePoint are not mobile-friendly, it offers a poor user experience. For instance, you need to manually zoom in/out or scroll sidewise as the site doesn’t adjust automatically according to your screen size.

You don’t face this issue in Modern SharePoint as it is completely mobile responsive. It aids in enhancing the efficiency of the team and adds productivity. Now, you will need less time to load, and there won’t be any situation created when you accidentally select the wrong option.

In simple words, you can access modern SharePoint from any device and have a compatible interface ensuring a smooth and seamless experience.


SharePoint aims to make document and content management seamless. The differences between the Classic vs Modern SharePoint Platform show that new features of SharePoint have made it a collaboration powerhouse. Thus, moving to the modern version will fuel the productivity of your team.

For leveraging the potential of Modern SharePoint fully, you need to consult a tech-savvy vendor such as Xavor Corporation. Xavor has helped hundreds of companies migrate to the latest version of SharePoint and streamline their document management process. The company not only guides you regarding the new features of the platform but also helps you take full advantage of them.

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