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According to reports from The New York Times, they concerned within Google over the recent introduction of OpenAI’s AI chatbot ChatGPT. The Times now reports that Google intends to “demonstrate a version of its search engine with chatbot features this year” and to introduce more than 20 AI-powered initiatives. You should know more about facebook chatbot marketing

Even as recently as December, we learned that Google executives were concerned that, while making significant investments in AI technology, implementing it too quickly may damage the company’s brand. However, things are evolving swiftly. Google said earlier this morning that it will be cutting more than 12,000 jobs and prioritizing AI as a field of particular importance. 

Google News | Facebook Chatbot Marketing

The situation is so critical that the Times also claims that Google founders Larry Page and Sergey Brin, who continue to hold the majority of shares in Alphabet, the parent company of Google, have “offered advice” to business executives, approved strategies, and presented ideas during a meeting to discuss ChatGPT last month. It states that Sundar Pichai, CEO of Google/Alphabet, extended an offer for them to interact at this level after leaving their day-to-day positions in 2019.

Google will prioritize “getting facts right, ensuring safety, and getting rid of misinformation,” according to the chatbot search demo, in an effort to solve the problem of AI replying to requests confidently and clearly with inaccurate information. It is also examining methods to expedite review procedures that are meant to examine the technology to determine if it is operating in a fair and ethical manner.

A panel of executives, including Jeff Dean, who oversees the company’s research and AI division, presented the report’s new product launches, which include an image generation studio that “creates and edits images,” an app for testing product prototypes, and a set of tools called MakerSuite that other companies can use to develop AI prototypes directly from a browser window. The business is also developing two more tools: Colab + Android Studio, which aids in building mobile apps, and PaLM-Coder 2, which is a code-generating tool akin to Microsoft’s GitHub Copilot product.

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Evan Spiegel, the CEO of Snap, claims that it’s a gamble that more people will start using AI chatbots in their daily lives.

The Snapchat chatbot, dubbed “My AI,” will be shown above friend discussions on the app’s chat tab. Spiegel told The Verge that while the bot will initially only be accessible to $3.99 per month Snapchat Plus customers. The ultimate objective is to make it accessible to all 750 million monthly users of Snapchat.

“The big idea is that we’re going to talk to AI every day in addition to talking to our friends and family every day,” he explains. And as a messaging provider, we are in a good position to handle this.

My AI is now only a quick ChatGPT inside of Snapchat that is mobile-friendly. The primary distinction is that Snap’s version has fewer questions it can answer. Employees at Snap have instructed it to follow the company’s trust and safety policies. They also instruct it to refrain from responding with profanity, violence, sexual content, or viewpoints on touchy subjects like politics. Additionally, ChatGPT’s features that have previously led to bans in certain schools have been removed; when I asked it to produce an academic essay on a particular topic, for instance, it respectfully rejected. As more users use My AI and report improper responses, Snap intends to continue fine-tuning it. (I couldn’t create any during my tests, but I’m sure others can.)

My AI and ChatGPT

The fact that Snap doesn’t feel the need to even describe the phenomena that is ChatGPT is evident after using My AI, which is a tribute to OpenAI’s creation of the consumer software product with the fastest growth rate in history. I wasn’t provided with any instructions or guidelines for dealing with Snap’s My AI, in contrast to OpenAI’s own ChatGPT interface. It starts with a chat page that is empty and ready for a conversation to begin. Snap’s application of generative AI treats it more like a persona whereas ChatGPT treats it more like a productivity tool. With the exception of having its own alien Bitmoji, My AI’s Snapchat profile page resembles that of any other user. 

This week, Microsoft learned quickly about the negative aspects of social networking. “Tay,” a chatbot with artificial intelligence that was just released by the business. This is intended to learn how to have conversations with people. The Twitter bot @TayandYou allowed users to engage with it by following and tweeting at it, while also learning from other users’ postings as it went.

Microsoft is furthering its AI roadmaps

Microsoft’s AI engineers supposedly created Tay with a youthful, feminine character with the intention of appealing to millennials. Twitter users managed to mislead the bot into tweeting stuff like “Ted Cruz is the Cuban Hitler”. Donald Trump received the following tweet from Tay: “All hail the leader of the nursing home boys.”

Nobody who regularly uses social media should be too astonished to learn that the bot ran met haters and trolls. However, the artificial intelligence system lacked the discernment to refrain from sharing such viewpoints in its own tweets. Now, a lot of people wonder what Microsoft was considering. “It certainly leaves you perplexed. How could they not have seen this coming? Jeff Bakalar from CNET told CBS News. It’s strange, to put it mildly.

In terms of @tayandyou, hardly anyone I know could have predicted this outcome. Only employees of IT companies could be that blind to humanity. Microsoft said Friday on the corporate blog that its Tay experiment hadn’t quite gone as planned. We sincerely apologize for Tay’s unintentionally inappropriate and nasty tweets. Tay is now inactive. We won’t consider bringing it back until we’re sure we can better predict harmful intent that goes against our beliefs and values.

Last paragraph

Unfortunately, a concerted attack by a small group of people exploited a weakness in Tay in the first 24 hours of becoming online. Although we had planned for a variety of system abuses, we had a crucial overlook for this particular attack. Tay posted incredibly inappropriate and despicable comments and photos as a consequence. We fully accept responsibility for not anticipating this possibility. We are now working diligently to resolve the exact vulnerability that the assault on Tay disclosed.

To properly implement AI, one must iterate with many people and frequently in open spaces. We must approach each one with extreme caution. This is to eventually learn from them, make progress, and do so without upsetting others. As we seek to contribute to an Internet that represents the best, we will continue to be firm in our attempts to learn from this and other events.


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