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Catch-up! 5 Ways To Learn Football On Your Own


Are you a beginner at playing football? If you’re just getting started, then you might have a little knowledge about this sport. It’s fine if you’re not yet doing well while playing with others. However, you should also find ways to catch up.

It’s great if you can attend regular practise with your teammates. But if it’s just once or twice a week, you’ll need to improve your skills so that you can also advance in your game. So whether you want to become the best football player or it’s just a hobby, you should invest your time and effort to become a good player.


So you should ready your classic football shirts, and try these different ways to learn football on your own!

1. Practise regularly

Everyone might already know this, but practise makes perfect. Even famous football payers need regular practise to improve what they already know. Moreover, practising regularly will help your body get ready for future games.

As mentioned before, if you think you can’t improve your football skills just by practising with your teams, then you should also practise on your own.

Practising alone requires your creativity and honesty. You may already know your weaknesses when it comes to playing football so you should take some time to improve that. For instance, if you can’t shoot a goal, then you should try different angles, speeds, and distances until you find your best shot.

Aside from scoring, other important foundations of becoming a good football player are controlling the ball, passing, and dribbling. While it’s not recommended to learn them all at once, you still incorporate each every time you practise.

2. Watch games

Are you a football fan since day one? If you have been collecting classic football shirts, or if you know the best games of all time, you might have watched football games more than you can even remember. Fortunately, watching football games can also help improve your skills.

Watching football games can help you involuntarily react to certain movements based on what you’ve watched. Basically, you can unintentionally react or mimic the way a player reacted to a certain scene.

However, it’s not guaranteed that you’ll react every time you get into a specific situation, especially if you’ll just let your motor skills do their job. So even if watching games help, you’ll still need to practise.


3. Play online football games

Have you tried getting your hands on the FIFA series? Although it looks like just a simple game, it can enhance your knowledge and skills in playing football. In fact, a lot of football coaches and managers encourage kids and beginners to play the game first before they start actual training.

As you can see, the tactics in the game also happen in real life. So while you’re playing, you can also experience close-to-real reactions from different players based on their respective positions.

Meanwhile, as you play online, you can also try the moves and techniques that the characters do. It’ll give you more options especially when it’s time to decide on what to do.

4. Learn new tricks

Aside from classic football shirts, it’s also important that you have a ball especially when you’re planning to practise alone. And while doing so, you can take some time to learn new tricks from time to time.

You can start by trying to do well-known tricks such as elastico, blanco, and sombrero. It’s not advisable to learn them all at once. Instead, you can try to perfect one move, then you can start learning the other one. That way, you can successfully do a move when needed which is better compared to when you’ll just have to know all the moves but you can’t even do them the right way.


5. Try to be more fit

While getting into the football vibe, you should also need to make a few adjustments to yourself. Some of these adjustments include exercising and having a healthy diet. Have you seen how fit professional football players are? Aside from the fact that they practise regularly, they also prepare for longer practises.

Sure, you can enhance your muscles while practising football but you’ll also need to do more than that. If you constantly practise yet you’ll just eat junk food afterwards, you might end up feeling weak and unproductive.

However, you don’t need to be fully muscular. As long as you stay healthy, you’ll be able to play for a longer time. You can hire a trainer and a nutritionist to help you adjust the things you need.


As you move forward, you should set goals every time you do something football-related. It’ll help you become more responsible as a player. Moreover, you can also use what you’ve learned for your everyday tasks. So don’t forget to share with us more tips on how to learn to play football by yourself by commenting below!

Aliana Baraquio

Aliana Baraquio is a web content writer during the day, and an aspiring chef before dinner time. You can catch her browsing the internet for the latest hairstyles and hair care tips in her free time.

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