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Can A student Fail CBSE Exam In Class 10?

Yes, a student can fail in the CBSE Board examination in Class 10. The Board is very lenient in terms of passing the students but still, there are several students who underperform in their examination and end up failing the examination. CBSE Board examination plays an important role in the life of a student. The future or we can say the career of a student depends upon the percentage they will be getting in their board examination. In some schools, if a student doesn’t get a good score in his/her board examination then they are not eligible to opt for science specialization so a student must get a good score in their board examination.

The CBSE can fail students but for those students who try a paper with only 5–10 marks. Or you try the wrong questions, but you try to solve at least a 50-mark paper then the teachers can give you a few marks and even give you the wrong answers, and your chances of success increase. And if you get a few marks below the pass mark, CBSE gives you those marks for free to pass. But as you know the CBSE designed the pass rate where you should get 33% points in school (20%) and board (80%). So you do not need to pass each and every one of the board and school exams.

The New Rule will change the percentage of failure

Class 10 and 12 bring a new law to relieve the students during the pandemic. According to the board, no student will fail the exam this year. Even if they fail in the examination then they will not have to repeat the year. They also said if a student fails in any of the elective examinations for example- Mathematics, Science, Social studies, etc., the elective subject will be replaced with the skilled subject i.e., the additional subject whichever the student chose in their academic year. 

10 Tips How Can a Student Pass with Good Marks?

Here are some tips about how a student can get good marks:

  1. Start with a study plan – Students should go through the syllabus first and make a thorough study plan. Before making a plan you should know how to invest your potential time between the easy and difficult topics. With the help of a study plan, you will set a strategy to achieve your goal.
  2. Start with important topics– At first, you should focus on high-weightage topics that are more important and considered to be completed first. Being well-versed with these chapters, you can score well in your examination. You should categorize your chapters as difficult, moderate, and easy and divide your time accordingly. For example- Mathematics in class 10 is difficult for students so for logical solutions students should refer to NCERT Solution for Class 10 Maths so that students can easily clear their concepts. 
  3. Stick with your syllabus book- Always remember to complete your NCERT Books first. After completing your NCERT Books then only focus on other reference books. The syllabus of the CBSE Board examination is completely based on the NCERT Syllabus. For practising NCERT questions with logical reasoning they can also refer to NCERT Solutions for Class 10.
  4. Practice Sample Papers and Previous Year Question Papers Sample Papers and CBSE previous year question paper for Class 10 is a way to test your knowledge and find out your weak points. You can also find out the pattern of the question paper and the level of difficulty of the question paper. These papers help you to find out where you stand.
  5. Work on accuracy and improving speed– Practice will help you increase your speed and accuracy. Along with your knowledge, the speed and accuracy differ from student to student. The best way to improve your speed with accuracy is to set a timer while practising the questions. 
  6. Sleeping well– Sleeping tight is very important for students. With loose sleep, students would not be able to focus on their studies and make their memory stay for a short term. A night before an exam is a stressful night. After completing your revision you should focus on proper sleep so you would not end up forgetting everything.
  7. Explain what you’ve learned– You should have complete knowledge about the topics which you’re studying. You will forget all the things soon if you memorize them, but if you can explain it then you can even write the topic in your own words. Take English as an example if you keep practising you’ll be able to understand the chapter easily. Clear your concepts with the help of NCERT Solutions for class 10 English.
  8. Shift between subjects and take breaks in between– Shifting between subjects is necessary, you can’t study History 5 hours straight. You’ve to give time to other subjects so that you can complete all the subjects on time. You should break down the time to 2 hours and then take a break of 15 minutes and in those 15 minutes, you should just take a rest and should keep your mind free.
  9. Try learning with flashcards– Flashcards make your learning seem easier and more interesting. Call someone and take their help. Take it as a question-answer round. Make your study more fun so you can study easily and complete your goal on time and with fun.
  10. Don’t neglect English– In the examination, English plays an important role as students get their marks deducted with silly English mistakes as well so they to need to focus on spelling as well. For example- if you look in biology textbooks you will notice students make spelling mistakes and lose their marks because of spelling mistakes only.


Question 1: What are the books we can use to get good marks in Class 10 Mathematics?

Answer: Mathematics needs time and proper knowledge of reference books otherwise they will be stuck between loads of reference books. You should first complete your NCERT textbooks afterwards if you have time you can also refer to R.D Sharma Solutions and R.S Agrawal Solutions for class 10.

Question 2: How many hours should I study for Class 10 Board Exams?

Answer: You should at least give 7-10 hours a day of study while preparing for Board Exams. The time duration is enough otherwise it’ll exhaust you. With the help of a good study plan, you can ace your exam within the given time.

Question 3: What are the passing marks out of 100?

Answer: Students need 33 marks in total out of 100 to pass the examination. These exams are theoretical. It consists of 80 marks of which the school provides 20 marks as an assessment score.

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