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BICOM2000: An innovative and reliable device for you

Bicom2000: An innovative, high-performance electrotherapy tool called the Bicom 2000 has been available for you with a frequency range of 10 Hz to 150 kHz. 

Bicom 2000: 

What is Bicom 2000 and why is it essential: 

The proprietary Bicom2000 bio resonance gadget is to cure a broad range of complex and persistent conditions. It generates electrical wavelengths to evaluate and manage sickness in a comforting, non-invasive way. In 90 nations, both people and wildlife routinely utilize the gadget. The most excellent expertise for challenging situations of severe disease, insofar as any treatment instrument has assisted my clients, is Bicom 2000. Tissue repair is where recovery starts. Bicom2000 is a non-invasive, calming treatment that boosts the participant’s white blood cells and restores the body’s natural healing processes. The fundamentals behind this ground-breaking innovation are discoveries made in cell biology and biochemistry during the last 40 years: physics, quantum physics, homeopathy, and Chinese medical ideas. Bicom 2000 price is affordable for you. 

The gentle and non-invasive treatment is BICOM2000. Most BICOM2000 treatment patients exhibit overt calm symptoms, while some even nod. The frequency therapy’s purifying properties may lead the pet to feel fatigued for a day or two and lead them to consume additional fluids. Asthma, Leptospirosis, illnesses of the hepatic, gastrointestinal, immunological, neurology, and endocrine, inflammatory infection, and neurological diseases can all be with bicom. Most patients undergoing Bicom 2000 treatment exhibit apparent symptoms of relaxation, and some even nod off. Water, carbohydrates, carbs, lipids, vitamins, and minerals are also crucial foundations for well-being and will all be for your pet. A better diet is also essential. Bicom2000 price is very reasonable for you. 

How Bicom 2000 Works: 

Functioning of Bicom 2000: 

The effectiveness of BICOM 2000 Bio-resonance Therapy increases when the patient’s dietary requirements are satisfied. Food plays a role in healing because it provides cells with the proper construction blocks needed for tissue regeneration. Hydration, enzymes, carbs, lipids, minerals, and elements are the basic building block of nourishment. The significance of nutritional demands will be covered in-depth by the experts. Both diagnose sick inner organs and “normalize” the brain’s electromagnetic characteristics, and wave outputs are purported benefits of bio-resonance treatments and other electronic equipment treatments. It is predicated on the untested theory that it may heal the organism by restoring the electrical signals that diseased cells or organs change—using electrical gadgets to fight diseases. 

  1. Allergy analysis and treatment: Clinical studies demonstrate that skin conductance screening and bio-resonance treatment are unsuccessful at identifying sensitivities.
  2. Herpes treatment: These items’ treatment is ineffective in a clinical investigation, including for kids—additionally, bio-resonance for atopic eczema. 
  3. Asthmatic treatment: This usage by any scientific evidence.
  4. Cancer treatment: Medical evidence does not justify its usage.
  5. Rheumatoid arthritis treatment: Data does not support this assertion.

The unproven bio-resonance theory holds that due to variations in cell metabolism and Chromatin condensation, malfunctioning tissues and tumors generate electromagnetic rhythms that are different from those of normal tissues. 

The objective of Bio-resonance Therapy:

Purpose of using it: 

Bicom 2000 encourages relaxation, which can assist with a variety of stress-related disorders. For example, your skin is with electrodes during a biofeedback session. Finger sensors are another option. Your heart, breathing rate, blood pressure, skin temperature, perspiration, and muscular activity are all represented by sounds, flashes of light, or images on the monitor that receives signals from these electrodes/sensors. These functions alter during stressful situations. For example, your blood pressure increases, your heart rate quickens, your muscles tense up, you start to sweat, and your breathing quickens. On the monitor, you can watch these stress reactions as they take place and get quick feedback as you work to stop them—sessions for biofeedback in a therapist’s office.

Meetings frequently last under an hour. In 8 to 10 visits, many individuals get alleviation from their symptoms. For some illnesses, such as hypertension, results may take 20 treatments to manifest. Accompanying these workouts will be psychological and relaxing. Actions that the person will carry out daily for 10 minutes at home. Bicom 2000 tends to help persons with stress-related disorders, yet it is still unknown why or how it operates. Essential bodily functions, including heart rate, can change when an individual is stressed. To reduce problems, biofeedback treatment provides breathing activities and calming techniques.

Importance of BICOM 2000: 

Why must you get one? 

The switching frequency of Bicom 2000 devices is 10 Hz to 150 kHz. The 2000 version is not the action, even though many professionals still use it globally. So it is that an electrical device may identify the damaged organs based on these discrepancies and, using destructive wave interference, “cancel out” the sick signal from those organs. The development of electro dermal testing helped in the selection of homeopathic medicines. Drug testing aims to ascertain how effectively a drug “resonates with the person or how closely it resembles the bodily frequencies that need enhancing to conquer a sickness. Devices with the Bicom Optima brand name entered the market in 2009. However, a few pre-owned Bicom Optima devices are still for sale. 

Although bicom 2000 and meditation methods are to cure migraines, research on their efficacy has yielded conflicting findings. In patients with migraine, biofeedback treatment decreased the rapidity of episodes. Although it seems that relaxing can help those who suffer from migraines, adding biofeedback does not seem to have any further advantages. In addition, a very time- and money-consuming therapy is biofeedback. A method that, in our research, did not bring any added value to managing migraine and nerve pain in people compared to simple breathing exercises alone. 


Conventional medicine has made enormous strides in the surgical field and the treatment of acute diseases. However, managing chronic illnesses is frequently more complicated, and many patients are unhappy with it. As a result, this situation calls for a quick response. Bicom bio resonance as a technique is a unique diagnostic and therapeutic process that has opened the door for a new school of thought about medicine. It is frequently feasible to employ the Bicom 2000 device to identify and address the true—yet often hidden—causes of disease. 

Similarly to the effectiveness of drugs, bicom 2000 treatment reduces pain and headache sensations in 40 to 60% of individuals. They suggest that mixing biofeedback and medicine may improve both their efficacy. While biofeedback could treat headaches brought on by stress, it might not be as effective for migraines brought on by other factors. People with ADHD may benefit from biofeedback or retraining. Neurofeedback may be able to treat ADHD, according to mounting data.

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