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Best Christmas Drawing For Kids | Drawing For Kids Tutorial

Drawing For Kids, From the top of the tree to the Christmas tree trunk, we will learn how to draw a Christmas tree today. To do this, we will utilize simple shapes and procedures to make our own Christmas tree. All ages of children can use this step-by-step drawing tutorial to produce stunning Christmas artwork.


Children of all ages and drawing abilities may easily learn how to draw a straightforward Christmas tree thanks to this downloadable how-to-draw-a-Christmas tree tutorial, which is so basic that even beginners can complete it.

Download the free three-page drawing instructions for a Drawing For Kids Christmas tree below for a fun indoor project. It’s simple to follow, doesn’t involve planning, and yields a nice sketch of a Christmas tree!

Best Christmas Drawing For Kids | Drawing For Kids Tutorial

Materials Required:

  • Pencil Eraser, similar to gum or art eraser.
    A blank sheet of paper.


Use this simple how draw a Drawing For Kids Christmas tree lesson to create your own simple Christmas tree drawing and have a fun-filled afternoon of drawing during the holiday break.


  • Draw a cone, round the top, then make small waves at the bottom as your first step. Your Christmas tree’s crown will be this. The waves at the bottom are made up of small circles of various sizes formed with a curved line and arranged and lined up along a loose horizontal line. The two angled lines or diagonal lines will be practically straight.


  • Draw the same form again, slightly larger and appearing beneath and behind the top of the just-drawn Christmas tree. You have two options: look at the step example and see what would appear below, or draw the full new area in pencil and cross out the lines. This will represent the bulk of the
  • A vertical line drawn from the top to the center of the tree should coincide with the center of the cone-shaped object.
  • Smaller than the initial set, the small circles’ halves will be arranged in a line across the bottom of the layer.


  • Below the second tree shape, which will be the final portion, repeat the previous process one more time, a little bigger. It resembles a Christmas tree because these three cone forms are stacked.


  • Let’s add a few extra lines at the base. Create a rectangle at the base of your tree with two horizontal, two vertical, and two visible lines. This is the trunk of your Christmas tree.


  • Remove the horizontal line that runs between the tree branches.


  •  Remove any extra lines after drawing your Christmas tree’s tree topper star. This is a crucial stage in turning your tree into a Christmas tree!


  • Add the holiday specifics to your Christmas tree drawing now that the basic structure has been established.
  • If it is not Christmas time, you could stop and have a collection of unadorned outside evergreen trees (such as a pine tree).
  • Draw curving lines freehand, starting at the top and extending across each basic shape cone that formed our tree’s outline, to add a simple garland to your holiday tree. Two curved lines were drawn at the top tier of the example, and one was drawn on each of the lower two tiers.


  • Sketch the decorations and ornaments for your holiday tree:
  • Round ornaments and Christmas balls can be added as little circles.
  • You may also accentuate the curved lines used to make the garland with a parallel line for a different appearance.
  • To make the garland appear like Christmas lights, add oval shapes.
  • On the tree, draw stars to resemble star ornaments.
  • Once you have a collection of colorful Christmas trees, color your original drawing of a tree for Christmas.
  • Add a few little rectangular shapes and some bow accents to make a collection of Christmas presents at the base of the tree.
  • You may make your tree appear more cartoon-like by using large, sparsely ornamented shapes (you can even trace the contour with a permanent marker) or more realistic by using shading and intricate decorations.


We trust this post has helped you think more clearly and will help your child be more creative. Thanks to simple, colorful drawings, kids may learn about the environment, all the elements in our surroundings, and their demands and functions.

They also comprehend the meanings of the many items around the house. You don’t need to teach them about the elements because they will understand them readily and enjoyably with the drawing aid.

You should go to the Real School Of Montessori website if you wish to let your children expand their horizons of knowledge and creativity. The platform’s specialists will encourage your youngster to learn at their speed and skill level while enhancing their abilities while having fun. Another such activity will enable them easily get toward perfection.

Best Christmas Drawing For Kids | Drawing For Kids Tutorial

Drawing For Kids

Drawing is important since it allows you to instruct students about morals, practices, and values. You could let kids sketch a picture of their family and its importance to teach them about it.

To help children understand and recognize various objects, you can make them draw them. You can get a tonne of assistance from the specialists on our website. Start your children’s growth with the greatest foundation possible.

Here’s a fun activity to keep the youngsters occupied. Our Christmas show to draw printables teaches kids how to draw their own Christmas pictures using straightforward step-by-step illustrations and offers ideas for coloring them in. Why not print out the entire collection and ring binder them so the youngsters can truly improve over the holidays?

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