Benefits of Alternative energy sources like solar power



The world is in the age of technology, and as it progresses, the future of energy is facing many challenges such as climate change and increasing demand for energy. We are rapidly expanding our efforts, emphasizing solar, coastal, and oceanic winds and awaiting the best results. We are strengthening our belief that it will brighten our future by taking advantage of solar energy and wind energy.

Why believe in Solar and Wind renewable energies?

Excellent research work has been completed in the solar energy field. According to the International Energy Agency, the Sustainable Development Scenario (SDS), the share of renewable energy (solar and wind energy) in the global energy mix and expectations are to grow quickly and positively.

And estimations are that this will increase from 14% to 36% in 2040. It suggests that, in addition to natural gas, fossil fuels, which are also low in carbon (and are also very harmful to the environment), will quickly meet the growing demand for electricity from renewable sources. And not only that, but it will also benefit from limiting global warming.

Note: Renewable energies like solar and wind will represent more than 30% (source IEA SDS) in the global energy mix by 2040.

Energies Ambition in Total for renewable energies:

To achieve this goal of Alternative energy sources, we have to focus on under mentioned things;

1. Development of sizeable solar energy and onshore wind energy plants:

Some famous companies promise to design, finance, build and operate considerable solar energy and onshore wind energy plants. These companies are leveraging their longstanding presence and deep roots to promote this in multiple countries worldwide.

If they deliver reliable and sustainable project-related products, it will be very fruitful for this industry. Here I will love to disclose the example of a company that has entered into agreements to develop an approximately 800 (MW) megawatt solar energy plant in Al Kharsaah, Qatar.

The facility will fulfill the need for electricity of Qatar’s around 10%; moreover, it will reduce up to 26 million metric ton CO2-equivalent emissions throughout the project’s life.

2. Distributed solar power generation solutions:

Consumers, big industries, and municipalities, even everyone nowadays, want to control their electricity power production, not to reveal their consumption.

To fulfill their needs regarding electricity power, some big well-known companies provide a range of tailor-made photovoltaic solar systems.

roof-mounted systems, and ground-mounted systems installed on rooftops, parking lots, or vacant land and property.

A note to Remember:

The biggest challenge facing solar and wind energy are hoarding, and it would not be wrong to say that this is the problem facing the renewable energy industry.

To take full advantage of these energies, we must generate electricity when we need it most, at night when there is no sun and in winter. It means storing solar energy or wind energy when it is generated.

that is, when the sun is shining, or the wind is blowing and distributing it outside these periods.

Final Words on Alternative energy sources:

Some companies are also working on it, meaning they generate energy on a large scale, store it in a good and secure way, and then supply it to their clients. This way, the benefits of solar and wind energy are appropriately realized, and this method also saves from being wasted.

Moreover, because of this, businesses are also being coming into existence. If you have heard about any of these types of companies must share your work and experience with us.


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