Air Compressor Selection: When and How to Replace

Air compressor plays an essential role in an air suspension system. It provides pressurized air to allow the whole system to function properly. However, the compressor will break down one day. Here, this article introduces information about when and how to replace a broken compressor.

What is an air compressor?

Vigorairride air compressor is an inflating device that reduces the volume of fuel by reducing its pressure. An air compressor is actually a special kind of fuel compressor. In inflating items such as tires, balls, and pumps, the air compressor increases both the volume and the air pressure of the item being inflated. This in turn increases the velocity of the object being compressed.

what is an air compressor

Air compressors work in a similar fashion in that their air tanks hold a certain amount of air, which when fully expanded results in a higher volume of air. Thus when the tank is filled to the indicated maximum the air is driven into the expansion jet and the compressed air is expelled from the other side of the tank via a needle or blower.

What is an air compressor in air suspension systems?

As you may even tell by its name, an airbag compressor is the provider of compressed air for the suspension system. Normally, there’re other components such as the dryer, cooperate with it. The main job air ride compressor does is to pump air into the airbags. Thus the pressurized air is used to adjust your car’s ride height based on road condition as well as the loads you carry. Generally speaking, air compressors power the system, making it possible for you to experience a smooth car trip.

Two types of compressors: which do I need? 

There are two types of compressors namely domestic air compressors and industrial/production air compressors. Domestic compressors are designed for normal domestic usage. Industrial/production compressors are generally large and are used in industries that manufacture large-scale products. Compressors such as these are generally fitted with a counterweight in order to keep them from tipping over. The counterweight is fitted because it acts as a safety guard in case the compressor tip comes off accidentally.

And here, we’re talking about the onboard compressors that are used in air suspension systems. Obviously, we need the domestic one for our vehicles on the go.

Why do air compressors fail?

One of the main reasons why air compressor units develop problems is due to the wear and tear on the parts. One such wear and tear is caused by a loose or broken vacuum port. In this case, the valve opens so wide that it causes pressure to build up inside the chamber. The chamber can either be full of compressed air or a mixture of both gases.

How do you identify that an air suspension compressor is failing?

No compressors are not meant to last definitely. Tear and wear over time usually lead the components like air ride compressors to fail eventually. Before it breaks down entirely, some warning signals will be shown.

To prevent small issues from developing into more serious damages, let’s see what common indications there are.

  • A failing compressor won’t offer enough pressure, causing the car to stand lower than it used to be.
  • Clicking or grinding sounds, or other weird sounds while driving, there is normally a problem with the fan in the assembly.
  • If your self-operated suspension system shows no response when you’re pushing the button, it is broken.

Noticing any of these signs at an early stage could save you some bucks for sure. You definitely don’t want to repair it till the whole system breaks down. That will be a total disaster for your vehicle.

How to repair your air compressor?

It is often difficult to repair an air compressor due to the various damages it could have developed through years of use. However, there are a number of simple repair methods available. The methods include: checking for leaks around the port or valve; using compressed air to force back the port; and cleaning the port. If the valve or the port cannot be found, it is important to replace it with a new one.

In case the compressor becomes jammed due to wear and tear, it needs to be repaired. A simple repair can be done by replacing the air compressor couplings or rings. However, if the air compressor needs to be repaired seriously the engine or compressor may need to be removed from the air compressor unit completely. The parts can then be either fixed or replaced. Alternatively, the compressor could be rebuilt by completely replacing the impeller and the main shaft as explained in the next section.

Selecting the best aftermarket airbag compressor for your car

Before you buy a compressor to replace your current one, check out these features that a good compressor should have.

  • Direct-fit installation with no further modifications. It is exactly the same as the original one your car had. The best aftermarket compressor is to match the function of the OE component.
  • The best aftermarket airbag compressors should have a durable construction. Besides, only high-quality parts can be called good.
  • Nearly no noise can be heard, and no vibration can be felt during the ride.
  • It is really a whole package. Identical specifications as the OEM compressors, same or even better quality, yet, you can have it at a lower price.

what is the best suspension compressor

If you’re planning on repairing your suspension system yourself, make sure you get the best components. Only the perfect compressor can offer you the best experience. Imagine how you will feel with a new compressor installed inside your car. You may feel like you’re driving a newly bought car.


Worrying about the quality of service of the aftermarket air compressors? There’s no need to feel concerned about it. International manufacturers such as Vigor Air Ride have been in the air suspension industry for over twenty years. This company offers realizable and optimal solutions for global customers in the past two decades. If you don’t know where you can buy one that is suitable for your vehicle, you really should pay their website a visit. We bet that you won’t regret it.

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