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Advantages and Disadvantages of Smartphone Leasing


If you’re new to the world of smartphone leasing, it can be a little confusing. To help you get your bearings and understand which leasing options are right for you, we’ve rounded up everything you need to know about this popular way to get mobile devices.

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If you have bad credit, leasing is a good option.

Leasing can be great for people who like to upgrade frequently.

Leasing gives you the latest technology and accessories.

If you’re looking for a more flexible way of purchasing your smartphone, then leasing may be what you’re looking for!


A lower up-front cost

The first advantage of smartphone leasing is that you don’t have to pay for the phone upfront. This means you can get a new phone more often and without having to pay for it upfront, which can save you money in the long run.


Frequent upgrades

If you’re willing to pay for it, frequent upgrades are a great way to keep up with the latest tech. You can get your phone replaced every year or two, so you always have the newest model on hand. This will help ensure that all of your favorite apps work perfectly and that your phone doesn’t run into any problems down the road.

If you’re worried about the cost of frequent upgrades, though, you can always opt for a plan that gives you access to a new phone after two years. This way, when your current device is just starting to show its age, you’ll be able to get a brand-new one without having to pay full price.


Insurance included

A major benefit of leasing your phone is the insurance included. Lease contracts often include a warranty that covers damage to your device and provides coverage for any repairs or replacements. If you’re looking for additional protection, though, it’s possible to purchase additional insurance policies that can cover even more damage if something goes wrong with your phone.

If you want to protect yourself financially but aren’t interested in paying monthly fees, then leasing may be right for you!

In addition to the benefits of leasing your phone, there are also some drawbacks. The biggest disadvantage is that when you lease a device, you’re responsible for paying off the entire cost of it over time. This means that if something goes wrong with your phone and it needs to be replaced or repaired, then you’ll have to pay an out-of-pocket fee in addition to any monthly payments.



There are some cons to leasing a smartphone. For one, you don’t own it. As such, you have no equity in the phone and can’t sell it if something happens to your device at any point during its term. You also need to trade in your device at the end of your lease term (unless otherwise specified), which means that if you want to keep using that same phone long-term and many people do you’ll have no choice but to buy it outright instead of leasing again.


Paying monthly for several years

Even though a smartphone lease is typically paid off in one month, you can choose to pay for it over several years. When you sign up for a lease on your phone and pay the monthly fee, you’re committing yourself to pay off that debt over time.

You can do this by choosing one of three length options: 12 months (often referred to as “12mo”), 24 months (24mo), or 36 months (36mo). Each option offers different benefits depending on how much money you want to spend each month on device costs. For example, if you buy yourself an iPhone XS Max with 256GB of storage and 6GB RAM right away—and don’t upgrade until 2020 at least—a 36-month contract would cost $30 per month while buying it outright would cost $1k+


You don’t own the phone, so you have no equity in it.

Your smartphone is not yours. You don’t own it, and you can’t sell it. This is a problem if you need to use your phone as collateral for a loan or get rid of it because you’re having financial troubles.

If you’re trying to use an iPhone as collateral for a loan, you might have a hard time. Since Apple locks down your phone with its Find My iPhone feature, the lender won’t be able to access any information on the device or use it as collateral without your permission.


You generally need to trade the phone in at the end of the lease.

You generally need to trade the phone in at the end of the lease. If you keep it, you may have to pay a penalty and then sell it on your own. The leasing company can also help with selling your old phone and trading it in for a new one.


Leasing can be a great way to get a new phone without paying so much upfront

Leasing can be a great way to get a new phone without paying so much upfront. You won’t have to worry about the depreciation of your current phone. You can upgrade every year by simply leasing another one. Plus, if you decide not to keep up with your lease payments, there’s no penalty for breaking it—you just return the device and make sure that it’s working properly before sending it back!


Final Verdict:- When you’re looking for a way to get a new phone without paying so much upfront, leasing is an excellent option. You can save money on the phone and also have it for several years without having to worry about buying it. If you don’t want to buy a new phone every few years, this could be the solution for you!

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