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A Guide to Forming Business Enterprises in the United Arab Emirates

There’s no denying that the United Arab Emirates has enjoyed a tremendous shift in global perception during the last decade or two. To put it simply, the fishing and pearling nation has taken a big jump to rebrand itself as a financial powerhouse with a diversified range of booming sectors.

In addition, United Arab Emirates has a robust capital flow, a stable political structure, business-friendly taxation, and trade regulations that are liberal. If you are a first-timer, you must essentially realise that the country is becoming a top-rated investment destination.

Business Culture in the UAE

More and more foreign investors are considering starting a business in Dubai. As mentioned already, the nation runs business-friendly conditions and policies that can aid your preference. This is the ideal time to consider company formation as the local government supports investment and entrepreneurs in a wide variety of ways.

It’s important to mention that the UAE’s native corporate culture is relatively straightforward to navigate, despite being conservative and hierarchical. Ideally, you will need personal connections and face-to-face communication to smoothly lay the groundwork for your business. In a layman’s language, you must act responsibly in Business Setup in Dubai Mainland to prosper in the country.

There’s no denying that a handful of factors ideally determine the overall process of a business setup in the United Arab Emirates. First, you must evaluate the ongoing situations in the most popular industries. Additionally, you must also keep an eye on the particular services or products that are not readily available.

Who Can Start a Business in the UAE?

Spending some time on the internet will essentially help you realise that it’s easy to begin a Business Setup in Dubai Mainland. This is primarily because of the local government that provides numerous considerable advantages for establishing a business there. You must essentially keep in mind that except for a sole proprietorship, most types of businesses require an Emirati partner who owns 51 percent of the company.

Once done, you will essentially need to worry about registering and licencing your company. Furthermore, you will also have to achieve minimum capital requirements in some circumstances. As per the experts, Free Zones are the most excellent part of starting a business in Dubai. These are one-of-a-kind regions that attract foreign investors as well.

This is since they have a 0% corporate and personal tax rate and 100% foreign ownership and tax exemptions on imports and exports.

Legal Structures for Businesses in the UAE

Starting a business in Dubai – You must choose the type of organisation you will form before creating a Mainland Company Setup Dubai. You will find out that the United Arab Emirates, much like every other country, comprises a variety of legal company formations. Here’s a detailed breakdown of the most prevalent, as well as some of their prerequisites.

Sole Proprietorship

As the name suggests, this particular business type typically comes with a single person-ownership. As a result, that individual enjoys absolute control over operations and profits. You can always start a sole proprietorship; however, only UAE and GCC citizens are allowed to own a commercial or industrial company.

Civil Company

In the UAE, professionals such as accountants, doctors, and lawyers can form a civil corporation. However, it would be best to keep in mind that a minimum of 51 percent of the company must be owned by an Emirati national.

Limited Liability Company (LLC)

Going by the definition, a limited liability company (LLC) must have between two and fifty stockholders. As a result, you will see each individual being only responsible for their proportionate share of the total. Furthermore, you must also distribute the gains and losses among shareholders based on their stakes.

You will need a UAE national holding 51 per cent of the shares once again. Furthermore, an LCC with more than seven partners must also appoint a board of directors with at least three shareholders.

Foreign Company Branch

Again, you can consider investing in a foreign corporation branch in the United Arab Emirates. However, you must only import through a local trade company. The parent firm (foreign corporation) will entirely own the business in this situation.

Free Zone Company

You can always consider venturing into a free zone company- where you will need at least two to five stakeholders for businesses operating in a Free Zone. Furthermore, it would be best to keep in mind that these businesses are not trading directly with the UAE market- despite numerous advantages and incentives to establishing a business in the UAE Free Zones. This is perhaps why you have multiple prerequisites for starting a firm.


There’s no denying that starting a freelance business is surprisingly simple in the United Arab Emirates. All you will need is to fill up an application form, a bank reference, a CV, and a notarised Registry Identification Code Form to register in a Free Zone.

How to Get a Business Visa in the United Arab Emirates

There’s no denying that one will need a Mainland Company Setup Dubai visa if they wish to set up a company in the UAE- this will essentially allow them to live and work there. You will not need any sponsorship while applying for either a five-year or a ten-year visa.

You can apply for the five-year via two ways- To begin, you must have ties to an existing project with a capital requirement of AED 500,000. Secondly, you’ll need the approval of a UAE-based authorised business incubator.

You will have two alternatives once more with this one. The first method requires a minimum deposit of AED 10 million in public investment. You might also start a business with at least 10 million in the capital. However, it would be best to learn that obtaining a 10-year visa tends to be more challenging than a five-year visa.

Final Thoughts

If you are looking for reliable Mainland Company Setup agents in Dubai to help you enter the commercial world of the United Arab Emirates, you must visit Dubai Business Setup.


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