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8 Reasons Why Laravel Is the Best PHP Framework

Applications run our lives in today’s digital environment, from running errands to filing taxes. Everything revolves around apps, and businesses are constantly competing to create the best app that people will use regularly.

Building an application, on the other hand, is a difficult undertaking. Before you start developing your software, you’ll need to think about a lot of things like tools, platforms, and resources. Finding the correct programming language and framework as a developer is one of the most difficult aspects of app development.

There are many well-known programming languages and frameworks available on the internet. Even yet, finding the ideal one for your project is practically hard. You may be deciding between PHP and Python, or Java and ASP.net. Let us introduce you to 8 reasons why Laravel’s popularity is increasing and is one of the greatest PHP frameworks if you’re going to construct a web project.

Excellent security features

Within the framework of the Laravel PHP Framework comparison, security is taken very carefully. It’s an important part of the database, and the framework ensures that security is included in your website’s design.

The website also employs a hashed password, which ensures that no credentials are retained in plain text. When a user logs into the system, an automated token is produced via encryption using the Bcrypt hashing technique. This will help protect your website from unauthorized access.

With its prepared SQL statements, Laravel also protects your database against injection attempts. In addition, you can use Laravel to implement the secure PHP framework measures on your website.

Object-oriented libraries and expressive object-relational mapping (ORM)

The preinstalled object-oriented library is one of the main characteristics that make Laravel the best PHP framework for web development. Password resetting, active user monitoring, encryption mechanism, Cross-Site Request Forgery (CSRF) protection, and more are all included in these libraries.

Eloquent Object Relationship Mapping (ORM) is another feature of Laravel that lets you recover data from your database faster. This feature makes it easier to create relationships between interconnected database elements.

Artisan commands

Laravel’s inbuilt command-line interface, Artisan, is another feature that makes it the best PHP web framework. Developers can use it to automate time-consuming and repetitive programming operations. Developers can use the commands in this tool to produce MVC files and manage data configurations. It builds the application with the Symfony Console component, which aids in data migration and management.

Migration of a database

The fact that Laravel Framework makes database migration simple is what makes it the best PHP framework. Eloquent resolves any database compatibility difficulties, such as SQL Server or MySQL. It also allows a smooth transition when switching databases by altering Laravel configuration information.

The Artisan Console can also help with asset packaging database migrations and seeding. Users cannot create code skeletons with this feature enabled. users can also migrate code with ease and comfort.

Provides MVC support

The Model-View-Controller (MVC) web architectural pattern is included with the Laravel Framework. It’s simple to use and ideal for starting a small business or developing a large application. When working on a PHP project, you’re frequently dealing with unstructured code. MVC can assist you with organizing a large project containing more than five files. It streamlines your coding structure to make it easier to maintain.

Furthermore, MVC support makes it simpler for developers to locate files in logical directories. Developers can use this to control the process of their application once it has been deployed. It also enables them to solve problems systematically.

Scheduling and project management

Specific tasks take up a lot of time when designing an app. These tasks may need to be postponed to avoid delaying the development process. Sending out a weekly newsletter to all subscribers is a great example of this.

These activities are deferred in the later application stage by Laravel’s unified application programming interface (API). The Command Schedule module in Laravel provides a simple API scheduler for a variety of operations. You don’t need to use SSH to connect to your machine’s terminal, and all of these scheduled tasks are part of your code. There are so many Laravel pros and cons but you have to decide what suits you perfectly according to your requirement.

Features that make testing more efficient

Unit tests are an important part of the development process since they verify that all code fulfills quality standards before it is deployed. Fundamentally, Laravel documentation features let you run unit tests with PHPUnit, a PHP unit testing library.

With its out-of-the-box testing functionality, Laravel makes it easier to run a unit test. The framework checks its Feature and Unit folders after the phpunit.xml file is ready for unit testing. This feature includes tests that detect and prevent framework regressions. The above-mentioned Artisan Command-line Utility can be used to run the unit tests. Programmers may be regularly unit tested and observed, which is essential for software quality control.

Developers can also design custom test methods based on specific application needs with Laravel. They have complete control over the functions, which can be used to reduce or construct more complicated unit tests. Laravel can help you get rid of time-consuming unit tests and create bug-free, high-quality PHP programs.

Laravel is a 100% open-source PHP framework.

The fact that Laravel is an open-source PHP framework and entirely free is the most important feature that makes it the greatest PHP framework. To summarise, the framework provides the following advantages to its users:

  • Laravel Developer Community: Laravel blog, certification, and Laracasts discussion community
  • There are new plugins and modules available.
  • More customization and modification options
  • Tutorials and resources available on the internet

Laravel is preferred by developers above other frameworks because of its amazing features and robust community that supports, enhances, and upgrades the framework regularly.


In conclusion, Laravel is one of the most powerful and versatile frameworks for building online applications. This framework is practical, adaptable, and provides tremendous prospects for streamlining the application development process.

Laravel’s unique features, such as MVC pattern support, ORM implementation, and the Artisan Command-Line, give developers an out-of-the-box solution to difficult and time-consuming jobs.

However, hire a Laravel developer that provides you with a specialized team of professional and experienced web developers who can help you design your web apps using Laravel.

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