7 Often-Unused Methods to Increase Engagement on Instagram

7 Often-Unused Methods to Increase Engagement on Instagram

If you’re looking to boost Instagram engagement, you’re certainly not on your own. Engaging user is a key objective for companies comprar seguidores twitter using Instagram. A high level of employment indicates that people are loyal customers of the brand. They are truly interested in the things you do. This will be beneficial in the end.

Growing your Instagram engagement does not have to be difficult or time-consuming. With just a few smart steps and an engaging rate calculation tool, you’ll determine where your account is and assist in bringing your engagement up. Make use of these less well-known methods to boost Instagram engagement and establish an impressive and loyal base of customers for your company.

Posting Patterns

One of the most effective methods to boost Instagram engagement is to post regularly and consistently. However, this may sound simple, believe it or that, many brands do not. This simple fix can make huge difference consistency in postings can aid your followers in keeping your brand in the forefront of their minds.

When should you upload content to Instagram? The answer will depend on the brand you represent. The industry or the niche you are in and your audience’s demographics all influence the frequency of your posts. You should post between one and three times per day for a general rule of thumb. It is possible to alter this frequency depending on the amount of engagement you’re receiving from various posts.

An Instagram scheduling application like Later, Buffer, or Hootsuite can assist you in planning captions and posts in advance. Utilizing a scheduling tool will ensure that you don’t miss any posts. This software makes it simple to prepare your posts ahead. They’ll automatically post so that you don’t need to think about planning the day’s schedule for posting.


Hashtags are essential for Instagram. Continuously using a mix of hashtags will make a huge difference in improving your engagement. If you’re choosing the hashtags you’ll use for your posts, ensure that you’re using an assortment of both smaller and big hashtags. Larger hashtags can increase the visibility of your posts. However, smaller hashtags are also important since smaller hashtags tend to be more specific and will aid in locating those who are truly interested in the content you’re sharing. Change the hashtags you use for each blog post, and aim for around 12 tags for each post.

When you’re making an inventory of hashtags that you’d like to use, ensure that you don’t utilize banned hashtags. Banned hashtags are frequently used in spams content, leading to Instagram blocking those tags. If you’re using an unapproved hashtag, your post won’t appear on the feed for that hashtag. In addition, is that your account may be flagged as spam. Therefore, before you post on Instagram, make sure you do some study with the application to ensure that you’re not posting with a banned hashtag. This message is likely to pop up when you scroll through a hashtag that’s forbidden:

The hashtag is banned on Instagram.

When you have a list of hashtags already in place to go, you can think about creating a hashtag that you can include in your content. A hashtag with a brand name could be a great marketing tool for your followers will be able to use the hashtag to draw more people to see your business. The most popular brand-name hashtag is #aeriereal. Aerie introduced the hashtag in 2014, and many years later, the body-positive hashtag continues to be popular with Aerie’s fans and customers.

Host an Instagram Contest

Hosting an Instagram contest is an excellent method to boost your engagement. There are several types of competitions you may like to organize. A lot of brands have photo contests. In these types of conflicts, participants must submit photos of their products. Caption contests can be fun as well. You share a photo and ask your fans to post comments on the image with caption ideas.

Some companies also run hashtag contests to allow their followers to design the perfect hashtag for their brand. Matches on Story are also very popular. If you’re using an Instagram Story to host an event and the contest only stays available all day. If your followers know you frequently host tournaments in pop-up mode, they’ll be more likely to follow your Stories to ensure they aren’t missing out, increasing the overall engagement.

Giveaways can improve the engagement of your users, too. To be eligible for the giveaway, you may require people to follow your profile, share the photo, or add someone else to the comment section. Giveaways can generate high engagement and expose your profile to more users.

Collaboration with Micro-Influencers

Utilize micro-influencers to promote your business. Micro-influencers typically have between 1,000 to 10,000 followers. Because they are experts in a particular area, and their followers are more probably to be much more active. Research has shown that micro-influencers receive 7 times the engagement on Instagram than the larger influencers; they are a good choice for your business. Working with a micro-influencer can help create trust and authenticity among your followers. Also, it increases the number of followers you have by giving your page greater exposure.

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Here’s an example of what an ideal micro-influencer relationship could appear like. An athlete Emma Abrahamson posts photos of her healthy meals at @onecrazedfoodie. She has around 47,000 followers. Emma recently signed a partnership with Autumns Gold, a company that makes granola and bar brands, to advertise the Granola bars to her fans. The influencer collaboration boosts the engagement of both Emma as well as Autumns Gold.

  • micro-influencers post to boost Instagram engagement
  • Use Call to Actions to get your message out there.

Call to action can increase Instagram engagement rates by directly asking your followers to take action. Two ways that you can implement a call to action on your Instagram. The first is to add CTA buttons to your profile. If you peek at Hughey’s Instagram profile, you’ll notice some CTA buttons between the bio and highlights of the Story:

Utilizing a CTA in your Instagram bio

Clicking the View Shop button takes users to the product section, which allows them to browse the various products Hughey Snacks sells. Instagram accounts that are business-oriented can add CTA buttons by connecting their Instagram account to one of the IG partners, such as Yelp and Eventbrite. It is possible to add buttons that read “Start Order,” Book,” as well as “Reserve.” Then, your followers will be directed to the company’s website to finish the payment.

If, for instance, you’re a restaurant, then you might want to add a Reserve button on your Yelp account to allow your customers can book a table in your establishment. You can include these CTA buttons by editing the profile, selecting “Business Information,” Contact Options,” and then “Add an Action.” Then you can choose the partner that you want to join and then enter the address of your account’s partner’s site.

When you’ve got your CTA buttons in place, highlight the buttons in your bio and encourage your readers to click and explore so your engagement rate goes up. Make sure you add CTAs in your captions for posts and Instagram Stories. Instagram Stories. In this article, Hughey advised its users to comment in the comment section of its base.

  • by including the CTA within your caption
  • In Instagram Stories Stories, Hughey instructs users to swipe up:
  • by incorporating the CTA in your posts for Instagram engagement

It is also possible to drive more visitors to your site through Instagram by incorporating an action that directs users to your URL to your profile. Whatever you post on IG, every post and a majority of your stories should include a call to action that will help boost Instagram engagement.

Takedown fake followers

Fake followers don’t do well for the security of your Instagram account. False Instagram accounts are created in mass (by individuals or bots). At best, they’ll damage your reputation, but your performance may be blocked at the worst.

If you have followers who aren’t engaging with your content, Your engagement rate could also drop significantly. Because your engagement rate is calculated based on your number of followers and the number of likes you get from them, fake Instagram followers could cause that engagement drop.

You can identify fake followers by checking for certain indicators. First, if an account has only a few followers but is following numerous people, it’s the first indication of fake accounts. Commentaries that seem robotic or spams are indications of a fake account. A blank or insignificant bio, profile picture, and username could indicate counterfeit charges, too. (Learn details on how you can spot false followers.)

Review the authenticity of your Instagram account and get rid of fake followers with the auditing tool. FactCheck.co and social Audit Pro are examples of two audit tools to make your account clean and increase your engagement.

Increase the Engagement on Instagram

Are you eager to see your engagement increase? Include these suggestions in your Instagram marketing plan to help your account stand out from your followers’ feeds.



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