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6 Surprising Incredible Benefits of Roasted Chana

Incredible Benefits of Roasted Chana

A snack of roasted grams, also known as roasted Chana or “Bhuna Chana,” as you probably knew it when you were a youngster, is a very healthful and nutrient-dense food option. Because they are so high in nutrients, grams may fulfil the nutritional requirements of both a vegetable and a protein. However, the nutritional value of these chickpeas skyrockets when you consume them in the roasted form known as “bhuna chana.”

If you consume a handful of roasted chana daily, it has the potential to provide you with the most amount of energy. You may get a good amount of important nutrients from this snack, making it one of the healthiest options available. In addition, it is the most convenient and economical way to get sufficient protein in one’s diet. I do not doubt that you have been consuming roasted chana since you were a youngster, yet, it is quite likely that you do not know too much about this nutritious dish. Let’s learn more about its positive effects on your health.

Roasted Chana as Opposed to Regular Chana:

Due to the grain’s firm consistency, it is impossible to ingest normal chana in its raw form. One way to prepare it is to boil it and then serve it as chaat; another way is to cook it in the style of curry and serve it hot. Because either preparation method involves cooking, chana is processed in some way, which causes it to lose part of its natural nutritional value and become less nutrient-dense than before. On the other hand, because it maintains its nutritious worth, It is of more advantage to us than any other kind of chana. It does not imply, however, that regular chana has no health advantages in and of itself. On the other hand, bhuna chana still has the husk, which is significantly more beneficial for the appetite.

Health Advantages of Roasted Chana:

It has many advantages, even though the package may only seem like it contains a few items. The roasted variety of chana provides a lot of advantages, including the following:

Roasted Chana as an Aid in Slimming Down:

We are all aware that dieting does not mean starvation; it entails substituting meals and snacks high in fibre for those high in harmful fats or sugars. What could be a more satisfying snack than grains that have been roasted? It is the greatest technique to reduce weight. Because it is high in fibre, protein, folate, minerals, and fatty acids, chana may help those trying to reduce their body weight.

Roasted Chana may help you Lose Weight by Following these Recipes:

  • Jowar Dhani chivda is yet another delicious snack that can be prepared by combining dry chana and jowar puffs. To prepare a savoury and tangy chana chaat, roast chana, add onion, tomato, salt, and lemon juice, and mix everything.

Diabetes Patients May Benefit from Eating Roasted Chana:

According to several studies, patients with type 1 diabetes may benefit from eating roasted chana. As a result of their high fibre content, they can control blood sugar, insulin, and cholesterol levels.

A bone may Benefit from Roasted Chana:

Because it contains iron, calcium, phosphate, magnesium, zinc, and manganese, in addition to vitamins, It is beneficial to the body in terms of maintaining bone health. In addition, phosphorus and calcium play an important role in preserving the bone structure.

Chana, When Roasted, is Beneficial to Blood Pressure:

Because it has a high potassium content, it may assist in maintaining healthy blood pressure and keep it at a healthy level. It is because potassium can counteract sodium’s impact on the blood. Consequently, ingesting grains that have been roasted may be a good source of maintaining normal blood pressure.

Consuming Roasted Chana is Beneficial for One’s Heart:

One of the four beneficial nutrients to the heart’s health is fibre. It does this by reducing the quantity of cholesterol in the blood, reducing the likelihood of developing cardiovascular disease. According to the findings of one research, those who had a daily potassium intake of 4,090 milligrams (mg) had a mortality risk that was 49% lower due to coronary disease.

Roasted Chana has Anti-Cancer Properties:

Selenium is a mineral difficult to get in fresh fruits and vegetables, but it may be found in roasted grams. By removing certain molecules that might cause cancer from the bloodstream, this mineral can assist in minimising inflammation as well as the formation of tumours. Intestinal cancer risk may be reduced by eating foods high in fibre.


There is no question about the remarkable health advantages of chana. They are healthful and rich in vitamins, minerals, fibre, and protein. These minerals and vitamins help with weight management, blood sugar control, and brain function. If you wish to start with roasted grams, put them in your snacks or salads. This snack will be a tasty, healthful and unusual addition to your diet.

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