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6 Important tips to Avoid Plumbing problems!

Plumbing Tips

Check out some valuable Plumbing Tips  to avoid inconvenience and repair costs for water and sewage pipes
Problems in water and sewage pipes are considered the most undesirable inconvenience in any residence, condominium or business. 6 Important tips to Avoid Plumbing problems!

Usually the first step a manager or owner takes is to try to fix the problem himself with homemade solutions and even some tools available in the retail market. However, not every plumbing problem, whether water or sewage, can be solved with simple tools and inexperienced people.

To avoid these types of problems with water and sewage pipes, there are some valuable tips that can prevent certain aggravations related to leaks and clogging. These problems, when critical, in addition to causing great impacts to residents or users of the place, generate higher costs because they require a broader and more time-consuming workforce.

But know that there is a way to avoid these more emergency situations with some sustainable attitudes in everyday life. Often a leak or clogging could be avoided with preventive action and observation, but we neglect the situation and when it gets worse it is too late. Bath Room Plumbing Tips

Learn 6 valuable tips to avoid problems with water and sewage pipes

1. Avoid throwing cooking fats and oils down the sink or toilet:

When you wash greasy dishes and pans, some amount of grease from food waste is already thrown into the pipe. But there are situations you can avoid, such as disposing of cooking oil and other fats in the sink drain and bathroom toilet. More people than you can imagine make this wrong decision.

When this grease cools, it forms grease plates on the walls of the pipes, grease box and even in the pit, generating the beginnings of future blockages in the network. Ideally, you pack this fat in pet bottles and give the correct destination to this residue. You can call your municipality’s city hall to find out how to dispose of this type of substance without harming your sewage system and the environment.

2. No packaging and objects in the toilet and shower drain:

We know that on a daily basis, we consume dozens of products packed in paper boxes or plastic packaging. Because many of these packages end up getting in the way in bathrooms and kitchens, and may accidentally or not, be thrown into your sewer system, mainly through the toilet and shower drain.

This type of situation is very common, especially where there are children living or circulating in the area. In the case of children, there is also the possibility that toys may end up in the pipeline, as the little ones do not have a broad notion of the problem they are causing, so the ideal is to explain and guide them not to proceed in this way.

3. Pay attention to drains that take a long time to flow the water:

When you’re washing the dishes or your hands in the bathroom, and even when you’re taking a shower, you may notice that the water takes too long to flow down the drain. In the toilet, the same can happen with the flush. This could be a sign of partial blockage in the sewer pipe.

You need to call a professional to see if there is an ongoing obstruction in your sewer system before the problem turns into a massive flooding in your property. performing this repair preventively, the cost is less than a corrective repair, not to mention that you avoid other losses with cleaning and with furniture and other artifacts in your home or business that can damage.

4. Leaks start small and turn into Huge Losses:

There are several ways to notice a leak, and if you are aware of these signs, you can avoid damage to the water bill and also damage to the property.

One of these signs may be quite clear, on the water bill itself. If you notice a sudden increase in your bill, this could signal a water leak somewhere in the property, so stay tuned. Another way to notice a leak is with floors, tiles or a damp wall with localized darker spots. This unconventional moisture could be a cracked pipe or some poorly sealed connection.

Another repair that should always be done at the beginning is the replacement of seals and rubbers in flushing systems, faucets and valves. These equipment are widely used and have their seals worn from time to time. This wear causes leaks that, however small they may be, can cause enormous damage.

5. Bad smell and greener grass can result from a full pit:

Anyone who has been through this problem knows how necessary it is to maintain a clean and sanitized cesspool. This cleaning must be done in an average of 1 to 3 years so that the pit is always able to perform its function without compromising the functioning of the property.

When the septic tank starts to reach its maximum capacity, the gas generated by these residues starts to return through the pipeline and spread through the property. Another very common sign of a full pit is when it is located in the garden and the grass around it becomes greener, which means that the pit residues are “fertilizing” the grass on the spot.

6. Proliferation of insects in drains and grease trap signals an excess of waste:

Another important tip for you to avoid problems in your property’s plumbing is to notice when insects start to appear in the drains and grease traps in the place. This could be a sign that there is a lot of food for these beings and you should pay special attention to cleaning them.

Cockroaches, flies, centipedes and even scorpions can appear through the pipeline after food. If this happens in your property, it is extremely necessary to request a cleaning in the net and a fumigation, to avoid not only the dirt but also the diseases that these animals can transmit to people and pets.

Final Considerations:

Do you have problems with water and sewage pipes in your property? A qualified professional can help you to fully resolve the problem so that it does not recur. So request your budget for unblocking pipes, drains and vessels

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