5 Steps to Make a Promotional Film for Your Business

Making a promotional film is an asset in a communication strategy with a conversion objective. Its purpose is to promote the brand and highlight its know-how and values. Here are the 5 steps necessary for the successful production of an in-house promotional film.

First, define your objectives for making your promotional film!

A promotional film must be well thought out. Indeed, you must determine the objectives of the communication campaign and decide on the guideline of the project. You must ask yourself the right questions to define the best way to promote services or products of the video companies near me. Target, message, tone, broadcast medium, each point must be addressed internally to save time writing the script.

A successful promotional film captures the viewer’s attention from the very first seconds. This is more important when you are planning to launch a social media campaign. Indeed, the Internet user decides in less than 5 seconds if he is going to dedicate time to your video. So, you must take care of your introduction!

The preparation of the movie

The scriptwriting

Often neglected, the scriptwriting phase is essential for the continuation of the project!

At first, it is necessary to list the speakers, the important scenes, and the setting of filming. Then, succinctly write your scenario by describing each element that must appear in the image.

If you choose to include a voiceover or an interview, go straight to the point by favoring short sentences because the duration of your film will depend on it. You will be able to get a glimpse of the timing by reading the text aloud and timing yourself.

Technical cutting

Once the scenario has been written, you can move on to the technical breakdown to organize your shots. List in a document that you will name “Script” or “Technical breakdown” each shot taken and number them. Thanks to this document, you will save precious time during filming and editing.

Project management

Everything is a question of organization. The designated project manager will have to organize the shooting days by setting a date, checking the availability of the extras and the technical team, planning the equipment and the shooting locations, etc.

You can also benefit from the support of a production company near me.

Shooting a corporate promotional film

After scrupulously following the steps above, you can now start the filming phase. The designated director must bring the script and the technical breakdown.

the filming stage to make a corporate promotional film

For successful filming, a few basic principles should be followed:

Poorly lit or backlit areas are avoided unless there are spotlights. Note that installing uniform and aesthetic lighting on a filming location is not easy.

Prefer quiet places for sound recordings, and we isolate ourselves in a soundproof room for voice-over recordings.

Systematically check that the focus of the device is clear on the subject or the object that we want to highlight.

Alternate short scales and diversify angles 3d movie maker, to have enough different shots during editing to produce a dynamic film.

We note the number or the name of each rush in the “script” or “technical breakdown” document to have a real roadmap for the editing of the film.

Post-production is a key step before the validation of the project

Once the shooting is done, all that remains is to edit the promotional film! You will need a powerful computer and editing software. Many accessible and intuitive editing software can be easily downloaded from the internet.

Image work

Start by selecting the best shots from those you took during your shoot. Then, dynamically assemble them.

Do not hesitate to trim the duration of your shots, or even delete any superfluous images or shots that are too long. The viewer must be captivated from start to finish!

Conversely, do not use too high a pace, and avoid excessive visual effects. Give your audience time to assimilate and understand what they are watching. An overflow of information can quickly lead to an overdose.

sound work

Finally, also think about working on the sound of your film. We must attach as much importance to the soundtrack as to the image. It will be decisive in the appreciation of your work.

Avoid royalty-free music that is too repetitive or too connoted, and check that the soundtracks chose to do not saturate.

Video export validation

Once the image and sound have been processed, the production of your video project is almost at an end. Carry out the first export and ask a third party to share their observations with you. This will allow you to better visualize false fittings and other shells. You will be able to rectify the source file and re-export until you obtain the correct final version.

There, you now have a clearer idea of ​​the work of audiovisual production companies. Making a promotional film for your business takes time, skills, materials, and organization. Keep your goals in mind and be demanding at every stage of production to create a quality film.

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