5 diamond jewellery you can buy for Christmas

Christmas is around the corner and this year people are visibly more relaxed and happier. There are vaccines to combat the pandemic and world economies have started recovering. One can now plan for gifts that they want to give to the special people in their lives. Or if you want to treat yourself, then you can get something unique too. Diamond jewellery has great options in gifting this Christmas. Some stores and boutiques have come up with special Christmas collections for jewellery. So, if you are looking to buy something nice this year – for yourself or for another, here are some pieces you can buy for Christmas.

Emerald and diamond bracelet


The contrast between the green from emeralds and the sparkling white light from diamonds make a stunning jewellery piece. Contrasting colours make an object stand out and the same applies to this bracelet. The sheer brilliance of this colour combination will make the wearer stand out. You may be buying this for yourself or purchasing it as a gift, whoever receives it will love the piece adorning their hand.

White diamond heart pendant


Pendants make great gifts as they aren’t too high in the range and they can be worn with any metal chain. A pendant of any shape can make a really good gift, especially if they have diamonds. It can be a chunky piece or a small dainty one. But a 3D shaped heart with diamonds encrusted on it shows how special the receiver is. It is almost like a small heart-shaped ball and will look resplendent.

Three-tone diamond stack rings


Diamond rings are always in demand and can be worn daily. Instead of giving a normal diamond ring as a gift, you can give a three-toned one. The three-toned stackable rings are made of three metals – gold, platinum and rose gold. Plus, the addition of diamonds really adds that sparkle and shine to jewellery. Stackable rings are in fashion and you can get them from stores where they have lab created engagement ring. Lab-made diamonds can be a little less expensive but still are the same as earth mined istanbul escort diamonds.

Sapphire and diamond necklace


Another stone combo that goes well is the sapphire and diamond one. A sapphire and diamond necklace will look really nice and the receiver will love it. Think of Kate Middleton’s ring, but as a necklace. It looks stunning – the blue matching with the white of diamonds. It attracts a viewer’s attention and makes the wearer look very nice.

Diamond drop earrings


Diamond drops are a popular earring design. With or without diamonds, the pair look great. Any woman wearing this looks great and you can often see celebrities decking up for the red carpet with this piece. If a drop earring has diamonds on it, it looks quite spectacular. Large or small a diamond drop is an exquisite piece of jewellery for gifting this Christmas.

Apart from jewellery, one can also look at gift ideas for home décor, subscriptions and gift boxes. However, jewellery remains as that option that you give the special people in your lives.

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