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5 Creative Ways to Design a Bathroom

Not all homes and apartments have large bathrooms. So, at times, homeowners feel like their bathroom is quite small. Therefore, they assume that bathroom upgrades aren’t something for them. Well, now the times have changed. That’s because you can even design a small bathroom in a unique way. For example, choosing a walk in shower is an excellent idea. We’ll discuss more on the walk in shower cost later. So, it’s definitely possible to design a small bathroom that reflects your imagination.

Short on some ideas? Don’t worry; this article shares five creative ideas for designing a bathroom (nearly any size). So, let us get into it! 

1: Going With a Defined Theme for Bathroom


Just like the home’s interior, the bathrooms can also have a defined theme. This way, each and every bathroom accessory will follow the same theme. So, for example, a light or natural theme would look best if you want to make your bathroom look brighter.

For this purpose, you should ideally go with a wooden floor. Further, all other bathroom accessories should follow a light color theme. So, defining a specific theme for your bathroom makes it look brighter, colorful, and interesting.

2: All Black Tone

Most of the time, homeowners want their bathrooms to look bigger than their actual size. In this regard, a black tone or theme is a great pick. Additionally, an all-black color scheme can make your bathroom look roomier.

Basically, a dark color like black makes things interesting. So, if you aren’t a fan of black shades, you can choose any other dark color, like brown or grey. 

3: Place a Full-Length Mirror alongside the Wall 

Mirrors are the perfect addition to any bathroom. Nowadays, interior designers use mirrors to change the aesthetics of many spaces completely. So, even mirrors can be used to upscale the look and feel of any bathroom.

Here, you can place a full-length mirror alongside any bathroom wall. As usual, the mirror will reflect maximum light, which will brighten up your bathroom. Further, the full-length mirror will make your bathroom look bigger and more spacious. Condominium mirrors/full-length wall mirrors can be found in fitness centers and gyms. You can, moreover, install them in any room or space in your home. A custom full-length wall mirror can also be ordered.

4: Use LED Bathroom Mirrors 

Gone are the days when typical bathroom mirrors were used by the majority. Now, people want a modern, elegant, and practical bathroom mirror. Nothing beats the LED bathroom mirror when it comes to modernity and practicality. Mirrors in bathrooms have come a long way. LED bathroom mirrors are now available to homeowners. LEDs are installed either behind or alongside the mirror in these mirrors. LED lighting brightens your bathroom and makes it easier to shave, apply make-up, and wash your face. These mirrors typically have a bright LED. Furthermore, there are numerous types of LED bathroom mirrors available. Some are backlit, while others have LEDs along the mirror’s frame.

These mirrors offer the same functionality as standard bathroom mirrors. However, the LED light alongside their frame (sometimes backlit) created a dramatic look. These LED lights aren’t that big, so their feel and modest lighting perfectly glow up your bathroom space. 

Ideally, you should go with backlit LED bathroom mirrors. The lighting pattern for these mirrors created an even more interesting look. Further, these mirrors are quite easy to install. So, it’s a simple yet effective upgrade that really adds great value. 

5: Go With the Glass Shower Door

When we are talking about bath design ideas, we cannot forget the actual bathing space. Even today, many bathrooms have that old-school shower curtain. Though they aren’t terrible, they don’t contribute anything to the aesthetic appeal of the bath space. 

Contrary to it, a glass shower door is something that serves the same purpose but with a unique style and elegance. As the name indicates, these are glass doors made to replace shower curtains.

So, instead of a curtain, you’ll have a functional glass door that you can slide in and out to take a shower. These glass shower enclosures offer endless customizations and double the looks of your bath.

Moreover, they also make your bath look spacious. There are many types of glass shower doors available. For instance, you can choose a walk-in shower design for some distinctive looks. This type of shower doesn’t have a door. 

Rather it has glass on its sides. So, you still get a glass-covered shower space, but there isn’t any door. So, you can simply walk in and out of the shower space. In addition, the walk-in shower cost a bit less compared to some other glass shower doors. 

Final Thoughts!

So, these were some creative ways to design a bath. With the help of the ideas shared above, you can also revamp the looks of an existing bath. For example, playing with the color scheme of your bath can help you change its aesthetics.

Furthermore, you can also opt for some practical options, such as going with glass shower doors. These glass shower enclosures, like a walk-in shower, make your bath look spacious. Therefore, even small-size bathrooms can accommodate such shower types.

Moreover, the walk-in shower costs comparatively less compared to some other options. So, with all these options, any homeowner can easily upscale looks. Last But not least, you should always prefer to buy glass shower doors or any glass-related accessory from a reliable glass vendor. 

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