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5 Best Flooring Ideas for Homes in Canada

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Floor installation is a crucial home project.  Although you live alone or with family in Canada, you want the flooring to be attractive and problem free. Here are the best flooring ideas that are especially scoured for Canadian homes. 

1. Vinyl Plank or Tile Flooring

SPC vinyl flooring is known to be quite simple to clean yet offers a luxury designer flooring experience at an affordable option for every home. So, you get three favourites in one place. That made Vinyl tile flooring get the top place other than additional floorings. It can be calm in cold temperatures. Being a water-resistant floor, stains can be removed simply. Many renovators in Canada, going after luxury vinyl planks as they look similar to real hardware flooring. 


Vinyl is a durable and tough material that’s comfortable to walk in. A quality vinyl floor could last for 20 years. Vinyl is offered in a huge array of patterns & colours that simulate any material look. Plank vinyl is known for simple installation although sheet vinyl is difficult. Plank vinyl is simple to repair, and also very simple to clean.


Vinyl flooring can be different in quality.  And there is a limitation with patterns & colour. These designer tiles in Canada are more durable and vulnerable to gouging & scratching. After it wears out, you can refinish it, as you need to replace it.

2. Bamboo Flooring

Bamboo flooring can be a less common flooring idea in Canada. However, it has a similar look to hardwood which gives it a modern look. Bamboo flooring boosts the resale value of the home that’s simple to repair and it could be refinished and sanded to alter the look. Underlayment is needed to make the floor stable which works as a soundproofing and durable option. Bamboo material could suffer from water damage and might not work in more humid climates. 


Bamboo flooring is more moisture-resistant than wood. It is accessible in forms that are simple to install. It’s the soul to care for & refinish. People who are looking for eco-friendly options can go with this.  As bamboo thrives faster than many trees it consumes carbon more quickly from the atmosphere. 


Bamboo might be a renewable resource, buying bamboo planks adds a carbon footprint. Most bamboo farmers bank on pesticides & fertilisers which harmarmure. Few bamboo manufacturers utilise glues. Try to talk to the retailer regarding the bamboo origin and make sure it’s greener than the hardwood. 

3. Hardwood Flooring

Hardwood floors are in the best interest of Canada because of their classic look which puts warmth into the rooms. It’s personalised to different tastes and matches the furniture. It comes in many neutral colours. The best thing about hardwood is that it acts as a good insulator that makes floors feel warm. It is simple to maintain and long-lasting and never traps dust or any allergens. Floor refinishing is a simple process. 


The main thing that attracts everyone to this flooring type is its look. Wood floofferfers a more beautiful view than carpet or tile. Hardwood neutral quality becomes more valuable while room redecorating it can be sanded,  stripped, or refinished for a brighter feel. Hardwood floors are long-lasting & resilient. These can also be centuries with proper care. 


The hardwood floors are vulnerable to humidity and moisture. Be careful about leaks or spills. By the way, hardwood might not be suitable for every room. Before installing hardwood flooring, look at the floor substructure. If that’s unstable or uneven, it could make the hardwood floor installation problematic.

4. Ceramic

Ceramic tile is another popular designer flooring that’s made with a mix of shale and clay. This hard material is accessible in many varieties of patterns, shapes, and colours. But not every ceramic tile is good for flooring. It is vital to recheck that the ones you are buying are good to use on the floors. Ceramic flooring involves four types of tiles, which are porcelain, glazed ceramic, quarry tile, and terracotta.


Floor tile is offered in several shapes & colours that fit every home style. With modern printing technology, you can create ceramic tiles with any kind of pattern. It mimics the wood or stone look. Porcelain designer flooring is a durable flooring type that’s resistant to dents & scratches. It’s also very easy to clean. Porcelain and glazed ceramic tile need less maintenance.


Tile can feel hard and cold underfoot which makes your footsteps sound larger. Glazed ceramic tile is quite slippery that’s coat with an anti-slip finish. Coming to terracotta tile it needs regular sealing. Glazed tile is simple to clean and the grout lines within tiles stain if you didn’t seal them properly. But it doesn’t become simple if you see a single crack. 

5. Laminate Flooring

 Laminate flooring is manufacture as engineered wood. The upper layer isn’t wood but it’s a picture below the obvious plastic coating. So, laminate wood looks similar to tile, stone, wood, or any material. 

Laminate is offered in tiles or planks that can be installed on the old flooring without glue.


Laminate floors simply mimic the stone and wood look with less cost. These are simple to clean and need less maintenance. It can be cleaned easily with less maintenance. It’s simple to install on an existing floor, which saves money and time. 


The laminate flooring is slippery. And it doesn’t hold well in moist environments. Different from real wood, laminate couldn’t be refinished and can only be replaced.

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