2014 SIHH Greubel Forsey Fake Watches New – Asymmetrical Harmony Beauty

Fake watches: Greubel Forsey Double Tourbillon Asymétrique watch is the new interpretation of Robert Greubel and Stephen Forsey’s first basic invention Double Tourbillon 30 °. It is completely different from the first basic invention series.

This table is specially designed to display power storage in the form of a turntable, showing harmonious and natural beauty. Double Tourbillon Asymétrique fake watches will launch platinum and 5N red gold styles, with only 11 each.

Asymmetric shape but full of harmony beauty

Greubel Forsey launched the Double Tourbillon 30° Vision watch series in 2004. The Vision watch series is symmetrical in both the case and the dial. Today, nearly ten years later, the 30-degree double tourbillon movement It is installed in an asymmetrical position, which is a big departure from previous designs.

In order to install the 30-degree double tourbillon movement in this new case, the architectural structure of the movement needed to be completely redesigned. Greubel Forsey’s patented 30-degree double tourbillon, its outer frame is inverted way to install. However, the inner tourbillon cage, which makes one revolution in one minute, and the outer tourbillon cage, which makes one revolution in four minutes, remain unchanged.Best Quality Luxury Replica Watches

The movement is installed in a small curved window at 8 o’clock on the side of the case with a diameter of 43.5 mm, allowing people to appreciate the double tourbillon system from another angle through this specially developed three-dimensional space, which is both complex and full of art. The sense of quality makes this watch even more unique.

This watch especially uses the black machined main plate as the background of the tourbillon system, which makes the double tourbillon cage composed of more than 130 parts and the three-dimensional sense of the three-dimensional space more prominent. The polished conical stem and the stainless steel tourbillon bridge polished with the flat black technique fully reflect Greubel Forsey’s well-known hand-finishing technique. Best Quality Luxury Replica Watches

The power reserve indicator at 2 o’clock uses a new dial with a fixed red triangular shape to indicate the remaining power, which is quite different from the usual way of indicating by hands.

Unique design

Double Tourbillon Asymétrique fake watches are carefully designed by the gold -made noodle plate, which makes this expression perfectly balanced. In the same center point of the minute ring and the hour ring, the hourly label on the hour ring is made of gold and polished and processed, creating an additional contrast and three -dimensional sense.

Platinum -style noodles are matched with gray, carbon gray and black, while the red -golden -style noodle plate is matched with black and carbon gray. Both styles create layered effects. The pointer and the hourly standard are made of red gold or platinum, and the material of the case, the pointer, the hourly label and the case to the perfect harmony. In order to make it easier to read in the evening, the hour and acupuncture also coated with luminous coatings.Swiss Luxury Fake Watches For Sale

The independent number of each watch is carved on a small gold -made splint in the power storage display position.

At 6 o’clock, the small second disk was displayed with a very eye -catching red triangle pointer. It was one of the three of the red decoration on the dial.

The back of the table is inlaid with an asymmetric arc -shaped sapphire crystal. Through this crystal clear sapphire crystal, you can enjoy the beautiful movement. You can clearly see the gear system pansu and black chromium -plated chromium -plated chromium by nickel, matte, and chamfering. The motherboard.

All the inner angles of the entire gear system splint are polished, and it is meticulous, which is enough to represent the meticulous perfect process and polishing technology of Gauopz. This splint is locked with four blue steel screws, supporting two white gold -made splints.

One is engraved with the watch of the watch with the watch of the power storage display position, and the other is engraved with “GREUBLFORSEY”. The two golden groups and the central gear and the central gear are more prominent on the black mainboard, embellished with the entire watch.

Limited style

Double Tourbillon Asymétrique Watch is a very original and unique one in the Gaopo Foss watch series. The platinum and 5n red gold style are only produced. The watch is a crocodile leather strap sewn with a human hand, with the platinum or red gold folding of the same color as the case. Swiss Luxury Fake Watches For Sale

Technical Information

This watch is equipped with a manual winding movement composed of 326 parts, which is powered by two high-speed mainspring barrels to provide a total of 72 hours of power to make ideal travel time performance. The 30-degree double-body tourbillon uses a variable inertia balance wheel with a Philips end-curve spring. The vibration frequency is 3Hz/21,600 APH per hour.

The inner and outer tourbillon cages rotate once in one minute and four minutes respectively. The tourbillon cage and the outer tourbillon cage are inclined thirty degrees.

The motherboard is made of nickel silver, with drilled and straight grain, hand-finished chamfers and black chrome. The plywood is also finished with drilled satin and straight grain, hand-polished chamfering and nickel-palladium treatment.

The dial is oxidized to black or made of hydrocarbon-treated gold, with hours, minutes and small seconds displayed on the dial. The power reserve is displayed on a dial. In addition, a piece of hand-polished gold splint is set on the dial and case back,

and the splint is engraved with the special number of the watch.Greubel Forsey replica

The asymmetrical case is manufactured in white gold or 18K 5N red gold,

with a diameter of 43.5mm and a thickness of 16.13mm. Asymmetric sapphire crystal on the face and case back,

sapphire crystal in the side windows, three-dimensional variable geometry lugs,

hand-drilled and frosted bridge with “Greubel Forsey” engraved, safety screws made of gold . Comes with a hand-stitched black alligator leather strap with a white or red gold folding clasp to match the case.

Perfect craftsmanship and aesthetics

Like all Greubel Forsey fake watches, the level of hand-finishing and finishing of the Double Tourbillon Asymétrique is unquestionable. The components of the movement have been carefully designed to bring out

and show the most beautiful aspects of the movement, and there are countless small but majestic aspects to be discovered.

The grinding process of the machine plate, the black flat polishing technology of stainless steel,

and the amazing manual grinding and chamfering

, precise chamfering treatment, this is not only a machine,

but even a technician with rich grinding experience is difficult to achieve top-level craftsmanship ,

to create a humanized watch, full of energy and vitality.

The gold sleeve is set with large gemstones on the domed olive-shaped bearing, and even the tiny screws are polished,

which is enough to prove that every part of this watch has reached the ultimate perfect quality.

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