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10 Tourist Attractions in Mecca That You Can Visit During Umrah and Hajj

8 Tourist Attractions in Mecca That You Can Visit During Umrah and Hajj – Hajj is a dream for all Muslims in the world. This is because the pilgrimage is not just an ordinary worship. Hajj also at the same time retracing and religious tourism in the life of the prophet in ancient times.

When you go on a pilgrimage, there will be many holy and religious places to visit in Mecca and Medina. Although these destinations in Mecca and Medina are not part of a series of pilgrimages.

Muslims pilgrim across the world are often visit Mecca and Medina. They di it because they want to experience the life of Muslims and the prophets in ancient times. What are the religious places in Mecca and Medina?

8 Tourist Attractions in Mecca

Masjidil Haram

First tourist attraction in Mecca is Masjidil Haram. The place that is the main destination for people to perform Hajj is in the center of Mecca.

The Grand Mosque is a holy place for Muslims because of the existence of the Kaaba in it.

In the Grand Mosque, people who perform Hajj will perform tawaf and sa’i which are a series of worship. The Grand Mosque is not only crowded during the Hajj season.

Local residents also often pray at the largest mosque in the world. Even to accommodate the increase in pilgrims every year. The Grand Mosque continues to expand so that worship activities become more comfortable.

Beer Ali and Tan’im

Bir Ali and Tan’im are two separate places in Mecca and Medina. Bir Ali is in Medina and is one of the main conditions for Umrah.

Meanwhile, Tan’im was in Mecca and became a sunnah for Umrah. You will visit these two places while performing one of the Hajj rituals, namely Miqat.

In Bir Ali there is a mosque that was built adjacent to the shelter of the prophet Muhammad SAW. This place is called Bir Ali, because in Arabic, Bir means well. And it is true that many wells were dug by one of the companions of the prophet in this place.

Nabawi Mosque

The mosque, which is located in the center of Medina is one of the holy places that is rich in religious tourism. That is because the mosque was built directly by the Prophet Muhammad SAW.

The Prophet’s Mosque is one of the largest mosques in the world which used to be the residence of the Prophet Muhammad SAW shortly after moving to Medina. The Mosque also used as a gathering place for the Prophet’s companions for religious schools.

Today, the mosque building has undergone expansion many times, so that it looks even more magnificent as it is today.


Arafah Field is the pinnacle of the pilgrimage as well as a meeting place for all pilgrims from all over the world. This is a place of wukuf which is carried out every 9th Dzulhijah.

The Arafat Field, which is located southeast of the Grand Mosque in Mecca, is the place where Adam and Eve met in the past. Wukuf at here has a philosophy, that only to Allah humans will return. Wukuf is also the time when God gives the greatest forgiveness for mankind.

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Mina is a desert valley located east of Mecca. Here you will find many tents for the pilgrims, thus making it dubbed the city of tents.

These tents do not only stand during the Hajj season, but all the time. Mina is also the place for the throwing of the jumrah, which is one of the rituals in the Hajj.

Mina is a stopover for pilgrims on the 8th of Dzulhijah, the day before performing wukuf in Arafah Field on the 9th. After performing wukuf, the pilgrims will return to Mina and just perform the jumrah.

One of the destinations of Mecca and Medina during the pilgrimage is also a place for slaughtering sacrificial animals. In Mina, there is the Khaif mosque where the Prophet Muhammad SAW prayed and gave sermons during the pilgrimage.


This open place between Mecca and Mina is a place for pilgrims to spend the night after leaving Arafah. Muzdalifah became a place for worshipers to collect stones and gravel for the implementation of throwing the jumrah the next day.

Spending the night (is this in Mina or Muzdalifah?) is an obligation in a series of pilgrimages, because to imitate what the Prophet Muhammad SAW ever did. Even pilgrims who do not spend the night in Muzdalifah will be subject to fines or drafts to be paid.

However, there are exceptions for the elderly and women who are not strong enough to be in Muzdalifah, they may stay until after midnight.

Maqom Ibrahim

Hajj dan Umroh can also allow you to visit Maqom Ibrahim. This place is not a tomb, but the position where the prophet Ibrahim AS stood and built the Kaaba according to the command of Allah SWT.

The shape of building is like a square stone inscription with two holes on it and is on the east side of the Kaaba. Inside is a stone where Prophet Ibrahim AS stands and it is said that the stone was lowered along with the Black Stone.


This place which is usually called the garden of paradise is one of the most efficacious places to pray. Raudhoh is a place where Rasulullah SAW received revelations, worshiped, and led the prayers of the companions of the prophet.

This glorious place is inside the Prophet’s Mosque in Medina and is incredibly beautiful. Not only trace back how the life of the prophet in ancient times. You can also visit the tomb of the prophet which is in the same complex.

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