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10 Best Professional Courses

It is time for you to move on now that you have completed one of the key phases of your life, namely the 12th standard. What are your thoughts about it, then? Still uncertain about which stream to select? Your choice from now will bear fruit tomorrow. Therefore, whatever choice you choose must be intelligent and advantageous to you in the long run. Here are a few key considerations while looking for professional courses after completing your 12th commerce course.

You can make a great decision if you choose logically and without emotion.

Two things are primarily involved in choosing a career.

  • Personal Interests, such as your interests, skills, objectives, etc.
  • Future best returns in terms of demand, scope, growth, etc.

Professional Courses, Many of you could decide to pursue your areas of interest and passion professionally. But you can’t always connect your interests to your work. To achieve your goals there, you must earn a sizable sum of money. When you have spare time, such as during holidays, you may enjoy your interests. You can choose from the following popular career paths in 2018.

1. Bachelor of Commerce

After completing their 12th year of commerce, the majority of students choose this as their preferred career path. The three-year course covers topics like accounting, business law, mercantile law, how commerce is organised, statistics, and entrepreneurship development. All of the universities in the country offer the degree programme.

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This course provides comprehensive knowledge of the topic of commerce and qualifies you to apply for any master’s degree in that area.

2. Digital Marketing

This is the best profession option if you’re seeking for something unique. Digital marketing is a truly vast and expanding industry. Although there isn’t a single degree programme for this, there are numerous organisations offering training and certification for the course. A greater number of businesses are entering the race to establish themselves on digital platforms, which is causing the field of digital marketing to grow more quickly.

Nearly all aspects of digital marketing are covered by the training centres or academies for digital marketing. This covers, to mention a few, SEO, SEM, and social media marketing. Professional Courses, As more people use the digital platform to advertise their businesses, the field will never lose its allure. Therefore, if you consider yourself to be creative, have strong writing abilities, and have an interest in graphics design, this is the ideal job choice for you.

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3. Certified Financial Planner

This option may be suitable for you if you don’t want to pursue a full-time degree programme but still want to work in the field of commerce. Financial planner, financial advisor, and personal financial consultant are just a few terms for the position. Financial advisors make their living by assisting clients in selecting investments, insurance, and other financial products.

One of the professions with the fastest growth rates worldwide is certified financial planning. The Financial Planning Standards Board of India grants the international CFP certification in India (FPSB India). The CFP credential is considered to be a Gold Standard. Financial entities in 22 countries acknowledge and recognise its bearer. Currently, there are over 100,000 CFPCM Charters in existence worldwide, and over 1200

4. Journalism and Mass Communication

You should think about pursuing a career in journalism if you’re looking for a job that will expose you to real-world situations. Journalism is considerably more than just working as a TV anchor or newspaper reporter. Even if you can work, there are a lot of other possibilities as well. Writing quality articles and material is the foundation of journalism. As a result, you can work as a reporter or correspondent for a newspaper or TV station, or you can join a reputable organisation as a content writer.

Therefore, you can pursue a three-year Bachelor of Journalism and Mass Communication degree to start out in this industry. This subject is now being offered at many universities.

5. Bachelors in Law

A legal profession is never a failure. Even if you graduated from the 12th grade in business, this won’t mind using you as part of its mould. LLB is another option to consider after the 12th grade. Professional Courses, You must take the CLAT entrance exam, which is offered at 14 National Law Schools and Universities in India. You can also donate to National Law University in New Delhi by giving AILET. If you pass it, you’re admitted to one of the best legal schools in the nation.

The field has connections to many other areas. As a result, you will be competing against individuals from various backgrounds when you enrol in a reputable law college. This gives the knowledge a new perspective.

6. Diploma in Advertising and Public Relations

This career is a good fit for you if you enjoy talking to people and have an inventive mind. Diploma programmes in public relations and advertising are offered after the 12th grade. Ad campaigns, communication law, crisis communication, and public relations ethics are just a few of the subjects addressed in this course.

These independent professionals have access to a wide range of positions in the public relations and advertising industries.

The starting pay ranges from 30,000 to 35,000 Indian rupees.

The IIMC Delhi, MICA, Xavier College, and University of Mumbai, to name a few, are the leading colleges in India that offer these programmes.

7.  Courses in Hospitality

For hospitality management courses, there is no specified subject requirement for class 12 or graduation. Regardless of whether you have done commerce or another subject, you are still able to enrol in hospitality management courses. The hotel and hospitality industry is thriving as a result of the tourism sector’s explosive growth.

Professional Courses, Job profiles in the hospitality industry can include Management Trainee, Customer Relations Executive, Marketing/Sales Executive, Kitchen Management/Housekeeping Management, Catering Officer or Chefs in hotels, flight kitchens, cruise ships, fast food chains, and related industries depending on one’s qualifications.

8. Bachelors in Business Administration

This course is the best option if you want to pursue business management and administration after completing your 12th grade education. Both degree and diploma are offered in this discipline. A three-year degree programme and a one-year diploma programme are both required.

Students are instructed in the course and assisted in developing important management and administrative abilities. To put it briefly, this course prepares students to become capable managers who can fill managerial or administrative positions in commercial establishments, organisations, businesses, or industries.

Christ College Bengaluru, Amity College, Institute of Management Studies, and other top institutions provide business administration degrees.

9. Courses in International Trade

It gives you the chance to work in a variety of fields, including banking, trade, commerce, accounts, etc. It gives you a solid foundation in the field of international business and prepares students for a professional diploma in global commerce. You could work for export companies to boost sales abroad, look for new business centres, etc. As a marketing professional, you can also develop strategies based on market research.

You can find the courses under the headings Diploma in Foreign Trade Management, Diploma in Foreign Trade, and Advanced Diploma in Foreign Trade.

10. Chartered Accountant

Auditing, taxation, accounting, and financial planning are all part of a chartered accountant’s job description. It may be both a very difficult and fulfilling job. After earning a chartered accounting degree, career opportunities are intriguing.

Professional Courses, Members of the Institute of Chartered Accountants of India are chartered accountants. They either work in private practise or in businesses’ or organisations’ accounting divisions. Depending on the size and location (city) of the practise, the scope of work might vary greatly in private practise. There is a greater degree of specialisation among individual accountants in a large practise firm.

You must begin your CPT exam preparation in order to become a CA. After passing that, you must show up for IPCC Group 1 and subsequently Group 2 exams. You become a certified CA once you pass these levels, which is a challenging task to accomplish. If all of the examinations are passed on the first try, it takes about three years.

Proper now, you are moving in the right way. As a student studying commerce, you have a wide range of alternatives. Examine your hobbies, then choose one. As there is a vast ocean of possibilities in front of you, don’t limit your ideas. So go into success anyhow!

Happy New Year!

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